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Starfield Terrormorph, locations, how to beat, and lore

Look no further for all the details on the Starfield Terrormorph aliens, including how to find Terrormorph locations, how to beat them, and the lore and story.

Starfield Terrormorph: A Terrormorph looking towards the camera, set against a blurred background of a statue of the alien.

What are Terrormorphs in Starfield? This haunting eldritch monstrosity is one of, if not the most deadly and sinister alien in the universe of Starfield. But where can you find them and how do you beat them? Well, you’re going to want to be prepared because these monsters aren’t playing around. Here’s all there is to know about the Starfield Terrormorph monsters.

If you’re taking on a Terrormorph, you’re going to want to bring backup in the form of the Starfield companions as these beasts are lethal, as our Starfield review can attest to. And for yourself, make sure you’ve got the best Starfield builds ready to go, otherwise you’ll be chopped up into pieces before you’ve blinked.

Starfield Terrormorph explained

The Starfield Terrormorph is a rare and dangerous alien species that you can encounter while exploring certain locations. They have incredibly high health, damage, and mobility, serving as mini-boss fights when you find them.

They are the most deadly creature you will encounter while exploring certain Starfield planets, so it’s a good thing that they are rare. Otherwise, they’d be a big obstacle when it comes to exploring unknown worlds. Nevertheless, be sure to stay stocked up on ammo or be prepared to run if you do encounter a Terrormorph.

In many ways, the Terrormorphs in Starfield are akin to the Deathclaws from Fallout. The immense power of these beasts is alluring in its own right, but you’d best be prepared to fight.

Starfield Terrormorph: The player looting a dead Terrormorph.

Starfield Terrormorph locations

Starfield Terrormorphs can be encountered on any planet, though they are guaranteed to be found on Kreet, Toliman II, and Tau Ceti II.

Terrormorphs are one of the many random creatures that can spawn when you head to a planet. For example, you can sometimes find them fighting with NPCs or other aliens, with the Terrormorph almost certainly coming out on top.

However, if you’d like to purposefully find a Terrormorph location, your best bet is to start the Starfield UC Vanguard story, one of the Starfield factions. During the United Colonies questline, you’ll be sent to Tau Ceti II to investigate a meat processing plant. When you arrive, you soon find out that the settlement has been wiped out by a Terrormorph. After that, you’ll then have to take it down by activating the turrets in the area during a terrifying stealth section, or take the Terrormorph head on.

A similar Terrormorph location is Kreet, which also features these terrifying beasts for story purposes. In fact, the research facility you travel to at the start of the main Starfield missions is the cause of the appearance. In this base, you will find a cage that, as a nearby note makes clear, used to house a Terrormorph until it broke free and rampaged through the facility. As such, you can find this escaped Terrormorph by exploring the planet and coming across it.

Lastly, there is also a planet infested with Terrormorphs – Toliman II. Found in the Toliman system, Toliman II has been overrun with Terrormorphs. If you’re brave enough, head to this planet and you will find a high number of the creatures to fight. If you recognise this scenario, then it’s possible that you’ve overheard the UC Vanguard member talking about it in New Atlantis, involving in him supposedly crash landing onto a planet infested with Terrormorphs.

Starfield Terrormorph: Gameplay of the player shooting at a Terrormorph to kill them.

How to beat Terrormorphs in Starfield

To beat Terrormorphs in Starfield, bring high-powered close-range weapons and stay on the move constantly using your Boost Pack to avoid taking damage.

Terrormorphs have very high health, damage resistance, and damage output, though they are also surprisingly mobile given their size. To avoid an untimely death, you’ll first want to avoid taking damage. The best place to start is by making great use out of the Starfield Boost Pack mechanic to get stay on the move. Then, a good set of Starfield armor will do the trick by reducing the damage you take if you do get hit.

However, you can’t beat a Terrormorph just by avoiding damage – you’ll also have to dish out enough damage yourself. This is where having the best Starfield weapons come into play, such as the many Starfield unique weapons, as these will deal much more damage and let you kill the beast sooner. We’d recommend a strong close to mid-range weapon so you can stay mobile and deal high damage, such as a shotgun or the X-989 Microgun. Making good use out of your Starfield powers can also come in handy to keep the Terrormorph at bay.

Last but not least, bring a companion. Sure, they might not be the tankiest or most deadly, but companions will still be a great help in the fight, whether by taking a lot of the attention away from you or by dealing a little extra damage. If you equip your companion with a high damage weapon and a single round of ammunition for it, such as a grenade launcher or the Microgun, then their damage can be surprisingly good though.

Starfield Terrormorph: Dr Hadrian talking to the player about Terrormorphs.

Starfield Terrormorph lore

The Starfield Terrormorph species is widely believed to appear on planets with human settlements after nearly 50 years, often becoming major issues for the settlements and sometimes even completely wiping them out.

However, during the UC Vanguard mission Hostile Intelligence, it is revealed that Heatleeches are actually young Terrormorphs. This explains that the spread of Terrormorphs is caused by Heatleeches hiding on ships (or intentionally being hidden) before then starting a colony of soon-to-be Terrormorphs on the destination planet.

If you haven’t played this quest, you can see a clip of it below:

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However, it’s the United Colonies’ xenowarfare research on the Terrormorphs that is perhaps the most haunting. At the Kreet Research Lab, we can see remains of the facility that has since been ravaged by a Terrormorph. Interacting with the various computers reveals that the United Colonies had been researching the deadly species in an attempt to control them and weaponize them, seeing their potential to wipe out civilizations and leave little trace of human interference. Evidently, this research did not end well.

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That covers everything you need to know about the Starfield Terrormorph species, including the locations of them, how to beat them, and the disturbing lore and story of the Terrormorphs. Be careful of these beasts and always be prepared – you don’t want them spoiling the best Starfield outpost locations, after all.

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