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How to refuel your ship in Starfield

Look no further for all there is to know about the Starfield ship refuel system, as well as how to increase ship fuel capacity to travel further in space.

Starfield refuel ship: A colorful blue and yellow ship against a blurred background of planets, with a fuel pump icon tucked behind the ship.

How do you refuel your ship in Starfield? As you might have guessed, Starfield features a lot of space travel. From flying between planets, to jumping between systems, you’ll need fuel to get by in space. However, Starfield ship fuel is more complicated than it might sound. So, here’s all you need to know about the Starfield ship refuel system and how to increase your ship fuel.

Starfield ships are pretty fuel hungry, especially if you’re looking to use your grav drives to travel across the universe. During our time with the game for our Starfield review, we’ve learned all about how fuel works though, so you can travel without worry. Likewise, having the best Starfield ships will go a long way in improving your effectiveness among the stars.

How to refuel your ship in Starfield

Your ship will naturally refuel in Starfield after using your grav drive, so you don’t need to worry about manually refueling your vessel. However, you can increase your maximum fuel to be able to grav jump further in one go.

That’s right, you can’t actually refuel your ship yourself. This might be confusing considering the fuel gauge you’re presented with when attempting to grav jump to other systems, with further distances consuming more fuel. While this makes it seem as though you’ll have to constantly land at cities such as Starfield New Atlantis to refuel at a spaceport, this thankfully isn’t the case.

Rather, your ship has a maximum fuel stat that dictates how far you can travel using your gravity drive in a single use. This gauge will automatically refill after grav jumping, meaning you can almost immediately travel to the next system. As such, if you’re trying to reach a far-out system but lack the necessary fuel, travel to each system one at a time. You’ll still be able to reach your destination, it will just take a few more trips into the Starmap menu.

Starfield refuel ship: The Frontier ship in the inspection screen, giving detail stats of the ship.

How to increase your maximum fuel in Starfield

You can increase your maximum fuel capacity in Starfield by upgrading the Fuel Tanks on your ship. This can be done by visiting a Ship Services Technician at any major settlement.

Upgrading your ship’s Fuel Tanks is the main way to increase your fuel capacity in Starfield, letting you travel further distances in a single activation of your grav drives. By visiting a Ship Services Technician, you can upgrade your currently owned ship with all manner of upgrades, including Fuel Tanks and Grav Drives that will improve the effectiveness of space travel. This can be a little costly though, so it’s a good idea to complete some Starfield missions beforehand, such as the Starfield Ryujin Industries faction which rewards significant amounts of credits.

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However, you can also buy new, better ships to increase your fuel capacity. The beginner ship, known as the Frontier, is rather weak. Almost any ship will be a straightforward upgrade. So, if you’ve got the cash to splash, why not browse for better ships? In fact, you can even get several ships for free. The Razorleaf, for example, is a great free ship that can be earned through completing the Starfield Mantis puzzle and quest. Higher quality ships will often come with better Fuel Tanks by default.

So there you have it, you now know everything about the Starfield ship refuel system, as well as how to increase your fuel capacity for your ship. With this knowledge, get out there and start earning some Starfield unique weapons or work towards the best Starfield builds. Remember though, while you don’t need to refuel, you will need to restock your supply of Starfield ship parts.

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