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This alternative to the Starfield Chronomark watch does the job well

If you're pining for the Starfield Chronomark watch but don't want to fork out for the Constellation Edition, this alternative might do the trick for you.

Starfield apple watch face

Starfield looks epic gameplay-wise, but if you’re looking into Starfield pre-orders you’ll notice how fancy the game’s editions are. You’ll likely be eying up Starfield Constellation Edition, which features the gorgeous Starfield watchthe LPV6 Chronomark

While it is beautiful, you might be looking for a way to save $300 and still get your slice of the action.

To preface this, there is a small caveat: you need to own an Apple Watch. If you already own an Apple Watch with Watch OS8 at the minimum, then you’re already ready and raring to go. Clever Starfield fans over on the game’s subreddit are showing off their Clockology creations – an app that allows for customizable Apple Watch faces.

Redditor ‘NoThisIsPreston’ showcases their creation, which is a pretty decent replication of the Chronomark’s display.

“[It] took about 5 hours tweaking colors and shapes/finding the right font. Still looks a little off but I’m gonna revisit this project when the game launches and I can get more reference images,” says the Redditor regarding the creative process. If you fancy using this yourself on your Apple Watch, you’ll need to download the Clockology app first from the App Store here. The actual design is available here for all to enjoy, courtesy of NoThisIsPreston.

Recreated the Chronomark for my Apple Watch
by u/NoThisIsPreston in Starfield

Other Starfield fans are tinkering with Clockology too. ‘rkmar00n‘ explains that they “know a guy. He makes watch faces for Apple Watch Clockology. I asked him to make me a watch face of the Starfield watch from and…BEHOLD!”

As you can see below, this version of the Starfield watch face isn’t quite as accurate as the previous creation but is nonetheless a great option for those of you looking for a slightly different take on the Chronormark. You can get your hands on this version here.

Starfield Chronomark Apple Watch Face

We can’t wait to see the watch in-game too, as we’re sure it’ll prove useful when we’re navigating all of the Starfield planets. Surviving the harsh atmospheres of the galaxy isn’t going to be easy, though. Like us, you’ve likely spent your time recently studying how all the Starfield traits will affect your playthrough.

It might be tempting to equip the Hero Worshipped trait, but we’re not sure if we can tolerate the incessant jabbering of a very hyped-up fan. We appreciate the sentiment. There are plenty of other Starfield companions out there, so you won’t be alone in your travels either way. We’ve got some time on our hands until the Starfield release date arrives, so aside from messing around with your Apple Watch, be sure to check out other upcoming Xbox games in the meantime.

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