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Info-starved Starfield fans are obsessing over dirty windows now

Starfield news and information has been non-existent since Bethesda's big summer showcase, and fans of the upcoming space game are really getting desperate

Starfield bases: A person in an industrial jumpsuit leans over a machine Starfield

Oh, Starfield, where art thou? Ever since Bethesda’s enormous showcase earlier in the year, fans of the upcoming space RPG have been deprived of any further tangible information. With the Starfield release date still far, far away, fans (and this space-obsessed writer) are searching for any kind of talking point to sink their teeth into, and clearly things are getting desperate. The most recent hot topic? Starfield’s dirty windows.

Yep, in what is the most upvoted post on the Starfield subreddit on September 2 (and the third most upvoted for the previous seven days), u/ChromaticDilation expresses their delight with the details and dirty marks on the windows of a player-built base.

What is remarkable is that this relatively mundane observation has actually sparked some conversation, particularly around that all-important aspect of any Bethesda game: mods.

“Somehow I can sense a day one mod will be clean windows,” says one Starfield fan in the replies, to which players also joke that it could be titled the ‘PowerWash Simulator mod’ to commemorate one of Xbox Game Pass’ best co-op games.

Others, also mind-numbed by the lack of Starfield news and information since the showcase, simply vent their frustrations. “Look what you made us do Todd,” one Reddit user says, referring to Bethesda head Todd Howard. “We’re praising dirt now. Please Todd. Please just give [us] a little more to talk about until release, Todd. Space boots, space tissues, space urinals, just anything! I’m begging you Todd!” We feel your pain, fellow space nerd.

Earlier this year, Bethesda confirmed that it would be shifting the release of Starfield from November 2022 to some point in the first half of 2023. Prior to the big summer showcase, it had been putting out a drip feed of Starfield content with some developer roundtables and small teasers about certain aspects of the game. However, that strategy appears to have halted.

So, with fans not knowing when the next information on Starfield weapons, companions, planets, or factions will be revealed, who knows what seemingly trivial aspect of the game fans will focus on next.