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Space is anything but safe in these truly stunning Starfield shorts

If you're looking forward to Bethesda's Xbox RPG Starfield then you need to check out these new animated shorts that make us want a space series like yesterday.

Starfield animated shorts settled space: an image of Vanna from a short on the Xbox RPG

Starfield is shaping up to be one of the best games of all time (or, at the very least, one of the best Xbox Game Pass games we’ve ever seen on the service) and we can’t wait to play. In an effort to entice us all further into the universe created by Bethesda, the studio has shared three brand-new animated shorts online – they’re all stunning. We don’t know about you, but we absolutely need a full animated series after seeing these beautiful Starfield animated shorts and some of the stories we’ll be able to experience when this game drops.

If you want to know what these animated shorts are all about, and why we need more of them, we have you covered. The first one is all about two street rats, Ada and Harper, and a “moral dilemma” they come across in the pleasure city. It’s an interesting insight into how crime can pay, and even open up opportunities with huge in-universe organizations like Ryujin Industries. However, whether this is a good thing or not remains to be seen – and we really hope we find out.

Want to watch this one? Have at it, down below:

YouTube Thumbnail

The second animated short is all about Vanna, an Akila City orphan with high hopes and unannounced bravery. It’s the stuff classics are made of, like Star Wars, and a wonderful insight into the sort of adventure we’ll embark on when Starfield drops. Stumbling into someone who needs saving, Vanna takes charge and secures herself a ship – and the chance to see the galaxy around her.

If you want to watch this one, you can check it out below:

YouTube Thumbnail

Finally, Starfield has released an animated short showcasing New Atlantis – the heart of the United Colonies and a place we’re certain we’ll be visiting quite a few times in our own Starfield playthroughs.

In this animated short, we meet Kent – a delivery man – who wants to improve his lot in life. So, he signs up with the United Colonies Vanguard in the hopes of climbing socially and securing a spot in the more affluent areas of New Atlantis. While here, though, the adventures beyond the city – and indeed the planet – tempt him into a new life across the stars. You can watch this below, too:

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Are these shorts showcasing some of the Starfield characters we’ll come across in-game? It’s hard to say, but we would like to hope so. With over 1,000 Starfield planets to explore, we’re sure there’s enough room to pepper them in somewhere, right?

We know it might seem a tad early to tell, what with the Starfield release date still a little ways away, but this really could be one of the best RPG games we have ever seen – on Xbox, PS5, or otherwise. The sheer scale of Starfield alone is enough to make its peers blush, and who knows how much there really is on offer just yet. We’re only seeing what Bethesda wants us to see, after all.

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