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When is the Redfall point of no return?

There’s not one, but two Redfall points of no return to look out for, so if you’re hoping to get full completion, here’s where to stop.

Redfall point of no return: Characters in Redfall standing in street

Many games feature a point in the story or game where you can’t return to any previous locations, and the Redfall point of no return is no different. Or should we say points of no return. Yes, Redfall has TWO parts that upon completion, will lock you out of any previous area you’ve been spending time in.

No matter how much time you’ve already spent in the Redfall map, you’ll want to look out for these points in the story, especially if you’re looking to find the Redfall best weapons and complete Redfall with a 100% save. When you’re on your next hunt for the Redfall vampires, look out for these points before you move on, like we did in our Redfall review.

What are the Redfall points of no return?

Redfall features two points of no return. One of them is after defeating the Hollow Man boss, and the other is after defeating the Black Sun boss. After beating the Hollow Man, you’ll be taken to a second location, and after killing the Black Sun, you’ll have completed the game and will be forced to restart.

You can see the order of these bosses in our Redfall bosses guide, but it’s safe to say without spoiling the story, that the Hollow Man is quite early on, and the Black Sun is the final boss of the game. While there are other vampire gods you’ll need to defeat, you’ll definitely want to complete most of the first map before taking on the Hollow Man, as most of your time spent will be on the second map.

That’s the Redfall points of no return you need to look out for. For those playing Redfall solo or with friends in Redfall multiplayer co-op, make sure to check out our Redfall walkthrough, which is filled with guides that can help you in both areas of the game.