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Spider-Man 2 writers confirm huge step up for Miles Morales’s future

Insomniac Games' Brittney Morris and Ben Arfmann confirm what's next for Miles Morales after Spider-Man 2's action-packed PS5 campaign.

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It still feels surreal to have two Spider-Men at your disposal in Spider-Man 2. We’ve come a long way since the days of the Treyarch PS2 era, and now as players ponder what could be on the cards for Spider-Man 2 DLC or even Spider-Man 3, Insomniac Games writers Brittney Morris and Ben Arfmann discuss the game’s final moments and what it means for Miles Morales’s future. Spoilers ahead.

While we wait to get stuck into Spider-Man 2 new game plus, like you, we’re still thinking what the ending means for all our favorite Spider-Man 2 characters. Particuarly Miles Morales, who has transformed into an incredible hero in his own right, fully worthy of picking up the Spider-Man mantle. And that seems to be what Insomniac Games has in mind for Miles going forward, as Morris says to Gizmodo that “it always felt very natural, and I think we all collectively thought it would happen. To me, it shows a great deal of evolution from Miles. At the beginning of the game, we see him struggling to figure out what he wants to do with his life.”

Arfmann adds that “I think pretty early on, we knew that we wanted to have that moment of handing the reins over. And as we developed it, as we started to lay down more track leading up to that moment, it just felt more and more right.” After dealing with a nasty list of Spider-Man 2 villains along the way, Arfmann says that “I’m not sure when specifically we decided to do that, but it always felt like the only way the game could end.” The game’s story makes Spider-Man 2 one of the best PS5 games you can play, and if you aren’t aware how it ends, we’ll catch you up.

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Peter Parker, following the defeat of Harry Osborn-turned-Venom, decides to re-focus life on spending time with Mary Jane and getting the Emily May Foundation up and running. But who will take care of New York City? Miles Morales steps up to vouch that he’ll protect the city, leaving Peter to finally take the break he deserves. With Miles now assuming the role of the main Spider-Man in NYC, it leaves us open to plenty of thrilling adventures.

We’re curious to see how these adventures manifest, whether that is through the rumored Daredevil DLC or even a potential Fantastic Four appearance. As Peter is going to be busy with the Emily May Foundation, we wonder whether this will evolve into Insomniac’s take on Parker Industries, a company that Peter starts in the Superior Spider-Man comics.

Its headquarters is in the same building where the Fantastic Four resides, the Baxter Building, which is now canon in Spider-Man 2. However, Parker Industries also hails from the same comic series that contains a very divisive arc, which Insomniac reflects in the list of Spider-Man 2 suits.

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There’s so much left on the table for Spider-Man 2 DLC and the potential arrival of Spider-Man 3. With even more villains touted to arrive, Miles has plenty more challenges to overcome.