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Spider-Man 2 dev possibly debunks the potential of new Daredevil DLC

Hopes for a Spider-Man 2 Daredevil DLC might be over as Insomniac Games' Bryan Intihar addresses that Marvel easter egg on everyone's mind.

Spider-Man 2 Daredevil DLC

Sure, Peter Parker is an elite tier Marvel character, but Matt Murdock aka Daredevil is just as excellent in our eyes. We’d love to see him share the spotlight with the Spider-Men in new Spider-Man 2 DLC, and recently it seems that Insomniac Games is entertaining that idea. However, following a patch to Spider-Man 2, the hopes of seeing The Man Without Fear amid the New York City rooftops could be slimmer than ever.

If you’re exploring the streets of NYC in Spider-Man 2, you’ll likely come across this Daredevil easter egg, which returns from the first game. Noticeably, the signage for the hero’s Nelson & Murdock was absent, and only an eviction notice was left in its place. Following his appearance on an IGN panel, where he tells fans to “stay tuned”, senior creative director Bryan Intihar addresses the restoration of the sign on social media: “Guess they paid their rent.”

Marvel fans are wondering whether it is intentional, or if Insomniac Games is trying to hide a mistake with some playful misdirection. Speculatively, it is possible that Insomniac Games simply forgot to add this easter egg back into Spider-Man 2, and used the game’s newest patch to rectify that issue. With so many threads in the balance for all the Spider-Man 2 characters, we wouldn’t be surprised if Insomniac is laying down the foundations for future DLC. Even as one of the best PS5 games this year, it doesn’t take long to clear the game’s side content, and like you, we’re eager to take on some new threats.

Spider-Man 2 DLC Daredevil easter egg

Whether this is intentional teasing or not, including the Nelson & Murdock signage could also signal the end of hoping for the hero’s appearance in DLC. Intihar may just be pointing out that the easter egg is back in its rightful place. This acknowledgement comes after players making another intriguing discovery, in which a mysterious room potentially related to one of Daredevil’s biggest foes can be seen in the Upper West Side. And we don’t mean Wilson Fisk, either, who is absent from the list of Spider-Man 2 villains.

We’re talking about The Hand, a massive shadow organization pulling the strings of the NYC underworld, with ties to other Daredevil favorites like Elektra and Stick. The organization first appeared in Marvel lore in 1981, and are a creation from the mind of Frank Miller. If you watched Daredevil and spin-off show The Defenders on Netflix, you’ll recognize their antics and the power they hold. We’ve seen our Spider-Men battle some tough enemies in the Insomniac universe, but The Hand could be one of the more exciting additions to arrive yet.

Spider-Man 2 Daredevil Marvel DLC

Spider-Man 2 is easily one of the best open world games you can dive into right now, and it is mysterious things like this that keep us coming back to swing around the city. However, if you need a break from all things Spider-Man, we recommend checking out all the free PS Plus games you can download right this moment.