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Forget Daredevil, the Fantastic Four appears to exist in Spider-Man 2

Though Daredevil DLC might be on the cards for Spider-Man 2, this iconic Marvel family seemingly exists in the Insomniac Games universe too.

Fantastic Four Spider-Man 2 easter egg

Spider-Man 2 hasn’t been out long, but the latest Insomniac Games adventure still has plenty of secrets to uncover. One of the biggest mysteries on every Marvel fan’s mind right now is whether Daredevil will feature in new Spider-Man 2 DLC in the future. Well, they might not be the only hero roaming around New York City, as this easter egg suggests that the Fantastic Four are present in the Insomniac Games Spidey universe.

That’s right. Marvel’s favorite family have seemingly found a residence in New York City over the course of Marvel’s Spider-Man and Spider-Man Miles Morales. One of many secrets that make Spider-Man 2 one of the best PS5 open world games available, you may recognize this location, as it was formerly the spot where Fisk Towers was based. However, following Wilson Fisk’s defeat in the first game, it was then inhabited by the ‘Underground’ in Miles Morales. Now, it appears with a new coat of paint again, as it turns into the legendary Baxter Building from the Fantastic Four comics.

There is evening signage to indicate as much, and we had to go visit it just to be sure. You can find the Baxter Building in the lower left corner of Central Park on the map. The building’s aesthetic has changed significantly since the previous games, and now houses new technology on the side. We saw that the building has lavish interiors and plenty of space for a laboratory when Fisk owned it, making it perfect for Reed Richards to take over.

Fantastic Four Baxter Building Spider-Man 2

Spider-Man 2 Baxter Building

While Fisk isn’t present in the roster of Spider-Man 2 villains, that could change with the rumored Daredevil DLC. The Fantastic Four debuted in 1961, and the team features siblings Johnny (The Human Torch) and Sue Storm (Invisible Woman), Reed Richards (Mr Fantastic), and Ben Grimm (The Thing). The best part of this easter egg is on the roof, though.

Sure, the building is pretty enough to admire from the ground, but you should definitely take yourself to the roof. Once you do, you’ll find an unfinished helicopter landing space, bearing the insignia of the Fantastic Four. While it can also be viewed as a generic piece of signage, the fact it doesn’t yield a tradition ‘H’ to signal a landing spot is the obvious giveaway. Oh, and the fact is it half-painted with the Fantastic Four’s signature color scheme.

The landing zone is also accompanied by the numbers, 800150, is also seen. While it doesn’t ring any bells for specific issues of the Fantastic Four comics, who knows, maybe Insomniac Games is hiding a deep cut reference in plain sight. Or, it could just be some random numbers.

Spider-Man 2 easter egg fantastic four

Spider-Man 2 fantastic four suit

Insomniac Games has made reference directly to the Fantastic Four before, as the first Spider-Man game features a suit using their uniform, although it lacks a dedicated mask to go with it. Instead, Peter Parker uses a trusty paper bag to conceal his secret identity.

So, will the Fantastic Four become part of the Spider-Man 2 characters lineup? We’re not too sure, but anything can happen in these games, and it’d be an excellent opportunity to flex Parker’s intelligence amid fellow scientists. Spider-Man 2 is an excellent addition to all the new PS5 games out now, and potentially adding Daredevil and the Fantastic Four is just the cherry on top of one of the best PS5 games we’ve seen this year.