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Venom will force Peter into some really dark places in Spider-Man 2

If you're looking forward to Insomniac Games' Spider-Man 2 on PS5, you might be interested to know that Peter Parker is going to be in for a very rough time.

Spider-Man interview Venom darkness creation: an image of Venom roaring from the PS5 game

Insomniac Games’ Spider-Man 2 is – without a shadow of a doubt – one of the most interesting upcoming PS5 games we have to look forward to this year; a major reason for that is the fact that Venom is going to be one of the game’s main antagonists. We might still be deciding who we think Venom could be, but there’s one universal truth when it comes to this symbiotic nightmare: Venom is scary. Ahead of the Spider-Man 2 release date, Insomniac Games has spoken to Entertainment Weekly about just how dark this Spider-Man 2 Venom storyline is going to be. Spoiler alert: it sounds like it could be quite intense.

Ahead of the game’s appearance at San Diego Comic Con,  senior narrative director Jon Paquette has been speaking about what Peter Parker and Miles Morales (and us, the players) will have to deal with when Spider-Man 2 drops.

“One of the things that’s great about Spider-Man as a character”, Paquette tells Entertainment Weekly, “is he’s always got to make sacrifices… The symbiote provides a lot of grist for that mill, so to speak… [The story is about] what happens when that darkness takes over… It’s the loved ones and the family around the host who has to see what’s happening to the person that they love”.

With “a lot of juicy drama” coming from that sentiment, it’s clear that Venom is going to be more than a match for the masked menace and his good-natured approach to heroism. If anything, we’re going to see Peter fall into some really dark places throughout this story. The Spider-Man 2 gameplay footage from Summer Game Fest confirms that Peter will be wearing a symbiote suit at some point in Spider-Man 2, and there are moments (like the below moment where he throws a civilian down) which already his descent into darkness. Maybe we’ll end up thinking he’s one of the Spider-Man 2 villains by the end of all this – who knows.

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Senior creative director Bryan Intihar also added a rather interesting detail, that it seems as though Peter himself will have quite an influential role in the creation of Venom. We know the symbiote we know and love is something of an Anti-Spider-Man (even Tom Hardy’s version, despite these film’s lack of a Spider-Man), but Intihar has expressed that Peter might actually be at fault when it comes to the development of this curious symbiote into the horror we know Venom to be.

“We wanted to try something very different,” Intihar says, “and I don’t think you can get much more different from Doc Ock than you do Venom… It’s about power, it’s about strength, it’s about being slighted, it’s about Peter being involved much more in the creation of Venom… That’s what attracted us”.

Yeah, we don’t know about you, but the more we learn about Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, the more we get excited about playing it. This really could be one of the best PS5 games so far, if Insomniac Games can deliver on everyone’s high expectations after the last two Spider-Man games. We’re sure it will, but only time will tell. So, we’re just going to have to wait and see.

We know a lot of you were already fearing the worst when it came to Peter and Miles in Spider-Man 2, so we’re sorry that this news doesn’t exactly instill any more confidence. However, these exciting comments come just weeks after Spider-Man 2 dropped its biggest hint that Harry Osborn is Venom yet – which is all very interesting. So, we’re going to hazard a guess and say that this is going to be a deeply emotional story whoever’s inside the symbiote. Oh, and you might want to look into the best PS5 SSDs before launch – this is going to be a big one.