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All Honkai Star Rail pre-registration rewards and how to pre-register

You don’t want to miss out on all the rewards you can get by signing up for Honkai Star Rail before launch, so find out how to do so right now.

Honkai Star Rail pre-registration: From left to right, Dan Heng, March 7th, and the male Trailblazer looking in shock.

Those eagerly awaiting the launch of HoYoverse’s next big RPG are no doubt wanting to know all about the Honkai Star Rail pre-registration process. Well, luckily for you we’ve got all the details. Find out how to pre-register for Honkai Star Rail and all the pre-registration rewards for doing so.

You don’t want to miss out on all the Honkai Star Rail goodies you’ll get from pre-registering. While we wait, you can already check out the Honkai Star Rail tier list to find out the best Honkai Star Rail characters to get right away. And for those waiting to play on console, we’ve also got the Honkai Star Rail PS5, PS4 release date.

How to pre-register for Honkai Star Rail

To pre-register for Honkai Star Rail, head to the official website and follow the registration process to create an account.

Here you will submit an email address to receive a verification code and create an account before the game releases. Once you’ve done that, the pre-registration process is complete.

If you’ve already got a HoYoverse account, such as if you’ve played Genshin Impact, then you can sign into your existing account first. Find the log in prompt at the top right and log in with your details before following the pre-registration process.

You can also pre-register on other platforms, such as the Google Play Store, App Store, or Epic Games, though you will still need to pre-register on the HoYoverse website above.

Honkai Star Rail pre-registration: All the rewards you can get from pre-registering for the game, as shown on the official website.

All Honkai Star Rail pre-registration rewards

  • Credits x50,000 – 500,000 pre-registrants
  • Star Rail Pass x3 – 1,000,000 pre-registrants
  • Trailblazer ‘Welcome’ Avatar – 2,000,000 pre-registrants
  • Four-star character Serval x1 – 3,500,000 pre-registrants
  • Star Rail Pass x15 – 5,000,000 pre-registrants
  • Credits x50,000 and Star Rail Pass x2 – 2,500,000 followers on social media

These rewards are granted based on tiers of total numbers of pre-registrations to everyone who has pre-registered for the game. These goals have been cleared so every player who has pre-registered for Honkai Star Rail before launch will receive all of the above rewards.

Perhaps the most exciting rewards are the 20 Star Rail Passes up for grabs and the free four-star character Serval. Having this character instantly available and the best Honkai Star Rail Serval build will give you a handy leg up at the start of the game. Likewise, you’ll also have a nice stockpile of Star Rail Passes to try your hand at the various Warp banners available at launch.

Do note, however, that these are the standard wishes. These are not the Special Star Rail Passes you’ll want to pull for the Honkai Star Rail 1.0 banners.

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Can you pre-register for Honkai Star Rail on PS5?

No, you cannot currently pre-register for Honkai Star Rail on PS5 or PS4. With the console release date happening later on, pre-registration has not opened. With that said, you can pre-register for PC, iOS, and Android.

It’s highly likely that Honkai Star Rail crossplay and cross-progression will extend to PS5 and PS4 once it releases. This means you could pre-register on another device and claim the rewards on that platform, then carry that account to console when it’s available.

That’s all you need to know about Honkai Star Rail pre-registration, including how to pre-register and all the pre-registration rewards. If you’re hoping to dive in on Xbox, then you’ll want to find out the answer to the question of ‘Is Honkai Star Rail coming to Xbox?’ first. Otherwise, you can read up on the Honkai Star Rail Paths to get a head start on theorycrafting before release.