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You can win free Honkai Star Rail characters via this HoYoverse survey

HoYoverse is releasing a new Honkai Star Rail survey for you to complete and if you enter you can win some free characters for your account.

Honkai Star Rail free characters survey November 2023: an image of a woman with pink hair and a smirking emoji

We know getting your hands on some of the Honkai Star Rail characters you’re after isn’t always as easy as it could be, but developer HoYoverse is giving every HSR player a chance to win a random character bundle right now – and throwing your name in the hat has never been simpler. In an effort to provide you with a better in-game experience, HoYoverse is asking everyone playing Honkai Star Rail to complete a new survey on ‘event satisfaction’. Do that, and you’re in with a shot of some sweet rewards.

If you want to make sure you’re using the best Honkai Star Rail team comp at any given moment, you’re going to need to make sure you have a lot of Honkai Star Rail characters to hand. While there are some active Honkai Star Rail codes you can use to get extra Stellar Jade, which is useful when the Honkai Star Rail banner schedule throws up a Warp with a character you don’t have yet, HoYoverse is giving everyone who plays Honkai Star Rail a chance to get their hands on a selection of characters through a new online survey – whether you have enough Stellar Jade for a Star Rail Special Pass or not.

If you’re enjoying Honkai Star Rail, which is one of the best RPG games out there for players looking for something to sink some hours into, you can follow this HoYoverse survey link and complete a survey to enter yourself into a competition to win a random character bundle. There’s going to be five winners in total, which increases your chances, but HoYoverse isn’t revealing which random characters you’ll get your hands on just yet. If they’re from the currently available Honkai Star Rail 1.5 banner, though, you’re in for a treat – Silver Wolf is available for the first time for PS5 players.

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When you actually follow the link to the survey, you’ll be prompted to log in with your HoYoverse account – so make sure it’s the one linked to your main Honkai Star Rail save. Following that, you’ll be met with some terms and conditions explaining that HoYoverse is collecting your personal data – mainly the survey answers – “for the purpose of analysis”. It’s all standard stuff, and something you need to agree to if you want to be in with a shot of winning those free characters.

Once you’re in, you’ll be asked your thoughts on three semi-recent Honkai Star Rail events: the version 1.3 Twitch Live Stream Incentive Plan event, the ‘Come With Me, Take The Journey’ returning web event, and the Xianzhou Cruise event. You’ll be asked about how much you know about each event, and how satisfied you were with each one – if you experienced it.

Honkai Star Rail free characters survey November 2023: an image of some survey questions

For anything you didn’t play, you’ll be asked why you skipped it and then about how often you engage with things like Instagram, Discord, and TikTok. We can imagine this is to gauge where HoYoverse needs to advertise it’s upcoming events more moving forward. But, once you’ve done that, you’re finished – and, importantly, entered into the prize draw to win a random character bundle.

Is this going to offer up some of the best Honkai Star Rail characters available at the moment? Only time will tell, but you have to be in it to win it – as the saying goes. While you wait to find out whether you’ve won or not, you should check out these recent Honkai Star Rail Boothill leaks and why Honkai Star Rail’s Dr Ratio is one of the most popular characters on the way – in spite of how annoying he sounds.