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You can pilot Helldivers 2’s epic new dual-cannon Exosuit right now

Congratulations are in order as Helldivers 2 players have liberated Varylia 5 from the Automatons, unlocking the new EXO-49 exosuit.

Helldivers 2 exo-49 exosuit: An image of a Helldiver and the exo-49 exosuit.

We weren’t so sure that Helldivers 2 players would prevail this time around, but the latest Major Order is a bombastic success for all allies of Super Earth. Now that the Automaton forces are at a bay (for now), Arrowhead is treating players with a brand-new Stratagem to enjoy. Now, PS5 players can pilot the awesome dual-cannon EXO-49 exosuit.

An evolution of the EXO-45 exosuit, this monstrous addition to your Helldivers 2 arsenal will be handy for stomping on Terminids and Automatons alike. You can acquire the new Stratagem on your ship in Arrowhead’s co-op game, and we’re already digging its sleek aesthetic. Graced with a vibrant yellow paint job, the EXO-49 mech rips through your foes like paper, but make sure to converse its ammunition as you roam around all the Helldivers 2 planets.

You’ll need this kind of firepower going forward in the hit multiplayer game, as Arrowhead is teasing a potentially devastating blow to the people of Super Earth in the near future. Why? Because the “second galactic war” is officially underway across the galaxy. We’ve been fighting the Automatons and Terminids for months now, and it is only a matter of time before a new faction turns up to truly lay waste to Helldivers on the frontline.

This enemy will likely be the Illuminate, an enemy previous seen in the space game‘s predecessor – and they are not to be underestimated. What makes this foe scarier is the fact that Arrowhead continues to re-change its meta weapon landscape with each update, making it harder to determine what Stratagems and guns are the most effective at clearing hordes. For weeks, the Breaker shotgun has persisted as a fan favorite, but this probably won’t be enough to save you when the Illuminate return.

Until they rear their heads, we are glad to see the Helldivers 2 community defy the odds. Arrowhead recently set the mammoth task of liberating the Automaton-controlled Varylia 5 planet from the hands of the galactic cyborgs.

Following the absolutely brutal loss against this tough-as-nails enemy in another Major Order before it, expectations to emerge victorious had to be tempered. This victory is one to be heavily celebrated, but the festivities aren’t going to last long, as a new threat looms on the horizon.

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