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The hunt for GTA 6’s Jason voice actor might be over, again

GTA 6 fans claim that actor Dylan Rourke is Rockstar Games’ Jason, so give him a listen here to decide for yourself as the hunt continues.

GTA 6 Dylan Rourke: An image of Jason from the GTA 6 trailer and actor Dylan Rourke

The cultural impact of GTA 6 is already astronomical, as Rockstar Games fans scour the PS5 and Xbox game’s trailer for every minute detail. While we’re all ready to step onto the sandy shores of Vice City, many of us are still wondering who the voice behind Jason really is. The search for Rockstar’s mysterious protagonist continues, but now a new claim suggests that actor Dylan Rourke is the person we’ve all been looking for.

With two potential GTA 6 actors already debunked on the road to the GTA 6 release date, YouTuber ‘LegacyKillerHD’ alleges that “according to a reliable source, Dylan Rourke portrays Jason in GTA 6.” In a video recap of GTA 6 leaks, the YouTuber claims that the hiring of smaller stars “remains Rockstar’s M.O these days, as they notoriously do not care for big Hollywood egos.” However, until Rockstar confirms this itself, we recommend taking this rumor about the new PS5 game and new Xbox game with a pinch of salt. 

Yet, if you are curious whether Rourke is Jason in Rockstar’s upcoming open world game, then we’ll make it easier for you to make your own up. Clips of Rourke’s work in previous TV projects and films are making the rounds right now, but if you scroll to 20:46 in the YouTuber’s latest upload, you can hear Rourke’s work in Bury The Bride. We’ve timestamped the link below for your convenience. 

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From our comparisons between Rourke’s work and the brief snippets of Jason in the GTA 6 trailer, there is a similarity, but we’re still not entirely convinced. After all, we’ve been led down this path before with purported Jason actor Bryan Zampella. Other rumors suggested that The Last of Us’ Troy Baker was stepping into the vocal booth for Rockstar, but Baker himself has since denied those claims.

There’s still plenty of ground to cover until GTA 6 arrives, with considerable hopes that it will emerge as one of the best games Rockstar has ever made. That’s if it doesn’t get delayed, and it’ll reportedly need some serious magic to run at 60fps on PS5 and Xbox platforms.

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