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New GTA 6 rumors pin this actor as Rockstar’s Jason

The search for GTA 6’s Jason continues, and we may have found our leading man in Rockstar’s next game in the form of actor Gregory Connors.

GTA 6 Gregory Connors: An image of Jason and Lucia in GTA 6.

There’s nothing quite like the thrill of waiting for Rockstar Games to reveal more info about GTA 6 right now. With a decade of waiting already looming over it, we’re all eager to know exactly who stars in the upcoming PS5 and Xbox title. The mystery of Jason and Lucia’s voice actors continues to intrigue players, and now a new theory claims Gregory Connors is our leading man.

Just mere days after The Last of Us legend Troy Baker debunked his involvement with GTA 6, players within the game’s community believe they have sleuthed the identity of lead character Jason. According to a Reddit post from ‘jericho881’, the IMDb résumé of actor Gregory Connors cited himself as the “lead” in a currently “TBD” project from Rockstar Games. Additionally, the project is listed for 2025, coincidently the same year for which the potential GTA 6 release date is slated.

With the game’s community naturally generating a considerable amount of hype and speculation from this, it appears that the actor has since removed the project from his listed filmography. Connors has mostly starred in uncredited or smaller roles up to now, with his most recent credits including Amazon Prime’s remake of the 1989 classic Road House. If Connors really is Jason, then it follows Rockstar’s pattern of picking relatively unknown stars to feature in its new PS5 games and new Xbox games.

GTA 6 Gregory Connors: An image of Gregory Connors' resume.

Over the years, each fresh open world game from Rockstar has veered away from celebrity cast members. The iconic trilogy of GTA 3, Vice City, and San Andreas featured the likes of the late Ray Liotta, Samuel L. Jackson, Burt Reynolds, and Kyle MacLachlan.

It is well documented that Liotta reportedly had a difficult relationship with Rockstar, which may have been a contributing factor in changing its casting approach for major characters.

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However, it hasn’t stopped the studio bringing in known artists and actors to populate radio stations across GTA 4 and GTA 5. We suspect the same can be said of GTA 6 radio stations, which are set to feature Schoolboy Q and T-Pain.

For now, we can check Troy Baker and Bryan Zampella off the list, as Rockstar enters the final stretch of development for GTA 6.

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