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Gotham Knights new game plus explained

Get an overview of Gotham Knights new game plus so you know what to expect when you jump into a second playthrough with your unlocks

Gotham Knights New Game Plus: A Talon can be seen

So you have beaten Gotham Knights? Rolled the credits and got to the point where you are asking yourself what to do next. Well, how about playing the game again? Yep, Gotham Knights’ new game plus mode lets you do just that. To understand what that means, below you can find a full deep dive into just what you get when you opt into a new game plus run.

Gotham Knights new game plus explained

New Game Plus in Gotham Knights is unlocked once you have finished the game. This will raise the level cap to 40 from the max level of 30 and let you start the game over again from the beginning. But, you will of course be able to keep all the unlocked Momentum Abilities, skills, and suits and skins for the four characters.

New Game Plus can be started from the menu of the game when you boot it up or return from your last saved data. While not necessary to do if you want to complete everything in the game, opting to go down this route and then replay the story may actually be more beneficial as it saves you a lot of time in a number of ways. For example, you won’t have to deal with enemies at a much higher level than you and you won’t need to complete the Knighthood Challenges again for your character’s unique movement ability.

On top of Gotham Knights’ new game plus, there are a bunch of other activities that can keep you busy in the game. From a list of missions, to experimenting and switching between characters, and more, Gotham Knights is full of stuff to do. We just weren’t that excited by it in our Gotham Knights review.