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Gotham Knights Knighthood Challenges

Get an overview of the Gotham Knights Knighthood Challenges which won't take you nearly as long to complete as you might think they will on first glance

Gotham Knights Knighthood Challenges: Robin can be seen attacking a miniboss

Gotham Knights is packed full of objectives and challenges for you to complete. But, one of the earliest ones you can tackle is the Gotham Knights Knighthood Challenges. These are tied to unlocking individual movement abilities for Batgirl, Nightwing, Robin, and Red Hood that can help you get around so they are definitely work completing as soon as you can. Below, you can find the Knighthood Challenges for Batgirl, Robin, Nightwing, and Red Hood before jumping into more of the game with our Gotham Knights walkthrough.

Gotham Knights Knighthood Challenges

Each character in Gotham Knights has three Knighthood Challenges and they are exactly the same for every character. Those challenges are:

  • Timed Strike Training – Complete Timed Strike training
  • One Step Ahead – Stop ten Premeditated Crimes 
  • Against All Odds – Defeat three Minibosses

All three of these challenges are incredibly easy to complete for each of the heroes and doing so should be one of the first things you should do as it will help you traverse Gotham. Minibosses are plentiful so you will stumble upon them and you can complete Timed Strike training easily from the Belfry.

When it comes to stopping Premeditated Crimes that is a little harder as you need to collect clues from killing enemies. But, we have a guide that goes into more detail about how to find Premeditated Crimes in Gotham Knights in our guide.

Once all three are completed for each of the characters, you will unlock Batgirl’s glide, Nightwing’s glider, Robin’s teleport, and Red Hood’s soul-hopping ability.

Overall, the Gotham Knights Knighthood Challenges are nowhere near as hard as you would have thought if you saw WB Games Montreal talk about it before release. With the challenges complete you can now make your way around the Gotham Knights map a lot faster than with your default grapple and movement abilities.