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Gotham Knights map guide, districts, activities, and more

Get a breakdown of the Gotham Knights map with each of the districts, the activities you can complete on it, and key landmarks in Gotham

Gotham Knights Map: The city of Gotham can be seen

Gotham Knights’ map takes place in a new uniquely crafted Gotham City built over time and with the history and lore of the DC city tied into its architecture and design. But, in the game, what can you do on the map, what activities are there, and what landmarks can you expect to find? Well, below, you can find an overview of Gotham in Gotham Knights.

Gotham Knights map guide

The Gotham Knights map consists of five distinct districts of Gotham City. These districts are Lower Gotham, Historic Gotham, Downtown Gotham, New Gotham, and North Gotham. Within each of these districts, you have key areas like Southside, The Cauldron, the Financial District, Tricorner Island, the West End, Gotham Heights and more.

You can see images of the north and south of Gotham below, showing the general topography of the map.

In addition to how it looks, the map in Gotham Knights will show missions, activities, crimes, and characters you can interact with like Harley Quinn, chests to find, and more. These items will fill up most of your time in the game and you can also unlock fast travel points throughout the map, letting you get around easier.

On top of all those secrets and items to find, as you are exploring the Gotham Knights map, you can also find gear items and more. And, on top of that, you can unlock a selection of Gotham Knights skins and suits for all of the heroes.