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All the Gotham Knights suits and skins

There are countless Gotham Knights suits and skins for Batgirl, Robin, Red Hood, and Nightwing available in-game, with different looks for each hero

Gotham Knights Skins Suits: Red Hood can be seen in one of his suit designs

Wearing and equipping all the Gotham Knights suits and skins is one of the best ways to show off your personality in the game, whether you or exploring Gotham or playing Heroic Assault. But, if you are just starting off your journey or waiting to buy the game, you may want to know what all the suits for Batgirl, Robin, Nightwing, and Red Hood look like. Below, you can get a glimpse of all of them in Gotham Knights and if you are curious about which hero you should use, check out our best character guide.

Gotham Knights skins and suits

Each Gotham Knights character has 14 different skins and suits in the game, making for a total of 56 suits and skins. These skins and suits are based on themes, comic runs, and other general designs from DC. So, each hero has access to their own skin for the following 15 themes:

  • New Guard 
  • Titan
  • Eternal
  • Year One
  • Neon Noir
  • Demon
  • Privateer
  • Metal
  • Beyond
  • Knight Ops
  • Shinobi
  • KnightWatch
  • Talon
  • Knighthood

A few of these suits were designed specifically for Gotham Knights, these include the New Guard, Talon, Knighthood skins. Whereas others are pulled directly from their comic appearances. For example, the Knightwatch skins were designed by legendary comic book artist and writer Jim Lee. While Year One, Eternal, Neon Noir and more are pulled right from the characters’ previous appearances.

Overall the variety of skins in Gotham Knights isn’t huge, but some of the skins you unlock much later on in the game look great. We are particularly keen on the Talon, Shinobi and Neon Noir looks. If you want to get a glimpse at all of them, you can find a video of all of the Gotham Knights Suits and skins for every character below from PowerPyx:

YouTube Thumbnail

But, while you can collect all the Gotham Knights suits and skins for all the heroes, you can also show them off in Gotham Knights co-op or just wear them yourself while exploring the map. They are just one of the ways you can evolve your character over the course of the game, on top of other mechanics, which we have guides on to help you out with, such as the Knighthood skill tree.