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Gotham Knights co-op multiplayer details and features

Looking for the latest on Gotham Knights co-op multiplayer features? This guide covers everything that has been announced about the multiplayer side of Gotham

Gotham Knights Co-Op Multiplayer: Red Hood can be seen overlooking Gotham.

Gotham Knights is bringing co-op to Arkham for the first time, allowing you to team up with your friends and tackle the villains and crime bosses wreaking havoc in the city. But, how will co-op multiplayer in Gotham Knights work and what features have been announced? After seeing a lot of Gotham Knights and the game now being here, we now have knowledge of how the game will work when playing with a buddy. And, you can find out everything about how it works below before diving into our Gotham Knights walkthrough for more tips.

Gotham Knights Co-op Multiplayer Explained

Gotham Knights’ co-op multiplayer in the campaign can be played with two people, and each of the four playable characters can be mix-and-matched however you want. Co-op is seamless drop-in and drop-out so you can have a friend join you mid-way through your save, or drop out mid-way through once you have unlocked multiplayer. Four-player co-op is available in Gotham Knights, but only in the Heroic Assault, standalone mode, which is launching in November. Four-player co-op won’t be included in the main campaign.

But, there is a pretty big caveat as to how co-op will work, Gotham Knights crossplay is not a feature in the game, unfortunately. This means that the friend you want to play with will need to be on the same console. There also doesn’t appear to be any matchmaking for the game, with co-op all being done with invites.

Everything in the game can be played in co-op, from the story to side missions, to boss battles, and just exploring the world. So, there won’t be any moment where you get taken out of your session with your partner. With the characters being able to be switched mid-way through a game, you can actually play anyone at any point to best suit the scenario, so you aren’t locked into a character either.

With the knowledge of how Gotham Knights co-op multiplayer works, you can now get stuck into some of the other activities in the game. This may be exploring the map, or taking down some of the villains in the group Gotham Knights characters in WB Games Montreal’s version of Arkham.