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How to change characters in Gotham Knights mid-playthrough?

Want to know how to change characters in Gotham Knights as you play or whether you have to start a new campaign? Here's what you need to do

gotham knight switch characters batgirl on a rooftop

Gotham Knights brings the DC action back to Gotham City in videogame form and lets you play as a number of superheroes as you take on series villains. But, how can you switch and change characters in Gotham Knights mid-playthrough?

From all the trailers and gameplay we’ve seen, we know that working together as a team will be the key to Gotham Knights’ campaign. However, you can switch in the middle of one as well either to another character or our pick for the best character in the game. So to find out more, read below on top of an overview of how co-op works and how to unlock co-op.

How to change characters in Gotham Knights mid-playthrough?

To switch characters in Gotham Knights mid-playthrough. To do this, you will need to head back to the Belfry (the game’s Gotham City base) as whichever character you are currently playing as. Once at the Belfry, you’ll be able to swap between any of the four playable characters in Gotham Knights. This is just to the left of the bat computer.

Handily, any skill points spent on levelling up a character will be transferred over to all of the others. This means if you decide to stop playing as Batgirl and want to play as Robin for a little while, you will take all of your points with you as a bank of points that can then be spent on the new character when you take control of them.

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