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Gotham Knights best character to play

Get an overview of the best Gotham Knights character to play as in the open-world RPG that will help you succeed in combat and get around easily

Gotham Knights Best Character: Robin, Batgirl, Nightwing, and Red Hood can be seen

If you are jumping into Gotham Knights, you may be wondering who you should be playing as. Well, after getting some time in with everyone, exploring the Gotham City map, and unlocking skills for everyone we have figured out who you should be playing as. Below, you can find our choice for the best character in Gotham Knights.

Who is the best character in Gotham Knights?

In Gotham Knights, the best character is Robin due to his range with his pole, powerful slingshot, and flexibility in combat able to stun enemies easily. Robin is simply the most versatile character which makes him great to use as he can deal with high numbers of enemies and powerful targets.

Robin has a suite of best skills to use, best Momentum Abilities, and best gear to use with his character. You want to make use of Robin’s pole to deal wide sweeps and help keep up with controlling the crowds of enemies who will swarm you in co-op, or while playing alone. That really helps out as when you get deeper into the game you will come across larger groups of enemies.

In addition, his stealth capabilities, invisibility, decoy, and more are all excellent tools to help you out when taking the quieter approach in combat. The one downside is that his Knighthood ability, Slideways is not the most useable and is a bit finicky to really get a handle of.

So there you have it, we think the best character in Gotham Knights is Robin. Batgirl takes the runner-up spot due to her familiarity and the fact she is quite easy to learn, but the flexibility offered with Robin puts him at the top of the group of four characters. For more tips with Robin, check out how to unlock Robin’s teleport Slideways ability, his best skills, and best Momentum Abilities.