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Is Gotham Knights crossplay and crossplatform?

Here's everything we know about Gotham Knights crossplay and crossplatform functionality in the co-op game across consoles and PC

Batgirl can be seen standing in front of a large clocktower in the background.

The possibility of Gotham Knights cross-play has been tossed around ever since the game was revealed to have co-op. With the game out on current-gen and PC and cross-play becoming a more ubiquitous feature, those excited for the latest adventure in the Batman universe want to know does Gotham Knights have crossplay and cross-platform support. Read on to find out how if this is the case and then take a look through our Gotham Knights walkthrough for more help.

is Gotham Knights CrossPlay

Gotham Knights does not have crossplay or cross-platform support. WB Games Montreal hasn’t announced the feature and there is no mention of it on the game’s official FAQ. So, you will need to have your friends play on the same platform to be able to play co-op with them.

As the PS4 and Xbox One versions of Gotham Knights have also been cancelled, the game won’t even have cross-generation play either, which seems to be much easier to implement. The lack of this feature is certainly disappointing to many as crossplay has become a staple aspect of most co-op and PvP games. But, it seems like Gotham Knights is the outlier.

Despite no Gotham Knights crossplay and crossplatform support, there is still a lot to look forward to in the game, including the upcoming Gotham Knights Heroic Assault release date, and a wide selection of Gotham Knights characters.