Gotham Knights crossplay: can you play with friends across platforms?

Everything we know about Gotham Knights crossplay being implemented ahead of the co-op game's release this October on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC

Batgirl can be seen standing in front of a large clocktower in the background.

The possibility of Gotham Knights cross-play has been tossed around ever since the game was revealed to have co-op features. With the game set to release on five platforms and cross-play becoming a more ubiquitous feature in 2021, those excited for the latest adventure in the Batman universe want to know if Gotham Knights has crossplay?

This open-world action game has full co-op in its open world, allowing you to take on missions and threats with a friend, combining each of your characters’ abilities and working together. Right now, it is unclear if certain missions will funnel you into playing on your own or if the whole campaign can be played in co-op.

If you’re here, you’re likely hoping that Gotham Knights has crossplay so that you can jump in with your pals on different platforms to you. Read on to find out more about the feature within the game ahead of the Gotham Knights release date.

Gotham Knights Cross-Play

As of right now, Gotham Knights crossplay has not been confirmed between any platforms.

WB Games Montreal hasn’t made any announcement about the feature since the game’s reveal in 2020. As the PS4 and Xbox One versions of Gotham Knights have also been cancelled, the game won’t have cross-generation play either.

We would expect WB to implement cross-play, but an announcement hasn’t yet been made. We will update this article if we hear more on the feature.

That covers everything we currently know about Gotham Knights cross-play. For more DC action on new-generation consoles, why not check out Rocksteady’s upcoming Suicide Squad game and everything we know about it, including the Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League release date.