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Gotham Knights how to unlock co-op multiplayer

Find out how to unlock co-op multiplayer in Gotham Knights with our guide that goes over what you need to do to unlock it and begin playing with your friends

Gotham Knights Unlock Co-op: Red Hood can be seen taking down a Talon

One of Gotham Knights’ main draws is co-op multiplayer. But, upon starting your journey as one of the four playable characters you may realise that you can’t invite or play with a friend yet. That’s because co-op multiplayer is not available from the beginning of the game. But, don’t quit the job of protecting Gotham’s streets just yet as the process to unlock co-op multiplayer in Gotham Knights is pretty simple. Here is what you need to do.

How to unlock co-op multiplayer in Gotham Knights

To unlock co-op in Gotham Knights you need to complete mission 1.2, where you investigate Langstrom’s corpse. Upon finishing the night and going back to the Belfry, you will unlock co-op multiplayer and can start it from the menu. This does mean that co-op is not available from the start of the game, which means you and your friend will need to play for about an hour or two to get through those initial tutorial sections.

From that point on though, co-op multiplayer is completely seamless, so you can drop in, drop out and move between multiplayer and single-player crime-fighting. Bosses, side activities on the map, and completing premeditated crimes are all available to complete in Gotham Knights with a friend.

Now you have unlocked co-op multiplayer in Gotham Knights there are much bigger threats for you to go after like a host of Villains, chasing down suits and skins, or unlocking your Knighthood skill tree.