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Gotham Knights missions and mission list

Get the full breakdown of all the Gotham Knights missions in this mission list covering both the main narrative and the side villain plots

Gotham Knights Missions: A COurt of Owls member can be seen

Gotham Knights is packed full of main questlines to head down and Case Files to Solve. But, if you want to know what all those missions in the game are so you don’t miss a single one, you will need a full Gotham Knights missions list. Ask and ye shall receive as below you can find a breakdown of all the missions in the game, broken up into those Case Files they are for.

Gotham Knights missions list

The full Gotham Knights mission list of every mission in the game is as follows, with the main story quests at the top and then the side villain questlines below:

  • 01: Batman’s Last Case – 1.1 Kirk Langstrom, 1.2 The Langstrom Drive, 1.3 Weird Science, 1.4 Blackgate Blues
  • 02: The Rabbit Hole – 2.1 AKA Oswald Cobblepot, 2.2 The Powers Club
  • 03: In The Shadows – 3.1 The Key, 3.2 The Chelsea Tunnel
  • 04: The Masquerade – 4.1 Mark Hendricks, The Orchard Hotel
  • 05: The Court of Owls – 5.1 Little Birds, 5.2 Inside Gotham’s Walls
  • 06: Jacob Kane – 6.1 Court Judgement, 6.2 The Voice of The Court
  • 07: The League of Shadows – 7.1 Friends In Need, 7.2 Talia Al Ghul 
  • 08: Head of The Demon – 8.1 Dangerous Skies, 8.2 The Lazarus Pit
  • HQ01 Harley Quinn – 1.1 Harley Returns, 1.2 Dr. Q At Monarch Theater, 1.3 Paging Dr. Q, 1.4 Chaos In General
  • FR01 Mr. Freeze – 1.1 Heist At S.T.A.R Labs, 1.2 Cold Front, 1.3 Quartz Labs, 1.4 Gotham City On Ice, 1.5 On Thin Ice, 1.6 Breakout At Blackgate
  • CF01 Clayface – 1.1 The Malleable Mugger, 1.2 Disturbance At Dixon Docks, 1.3 Rumble At The Reservoir

This list is still growing as we play more and more of Gotham Knights. So, we will be sure to add the final few missions once we dive into the final villain questlines in the game. But, as you can see, there are quite a few main storylines in the game and the different Case Files offer a lot of different types of missions for you to play.

Alongside these main missions, there are a number of side activities and missions you can play when engaging with your contacts or completing challenges, unlocking fast travel points, and finding Premeditated Crimes. In addition, you can also complete a number of collectible and other side objectives while exploring the world that doesn’t necessarily rely on combat.

This full Gotham Knights mission list and overview of what you can do should give you more than enough time to get acquainted with the game, as you browse the skill trees, unlock the Knighthood skill tree, and fight off the various villains in the game. If you are looking for more tips and help, check out our guides on the co-op mode in the game to see if you want to play with a friend, and how you can unlock co-op to do that.