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Icons are more important than ever before in FC 24 Ultimate Team

Sure, Icons are pretty useful in Ultimate Team, but EA Sports' changes to FC 24's Ultimate Team make them even more important than before on Xbox and PS5.

FC 24 ultimate team icon chemistry: an image of Zidane running in FIFA 23

EA Sports’ FC 24 is changing the beautiful (virtual) game in more ways than one and now we know a little bit more about FC 24 Ultimate Team and what players can expect jumping into this fan-favorite mode. We know getting your hands on FC 24 Icons in Ultimate Team is going to be important if you want to make sure you have the strongest squad, but FC 24 Ultimate Team Icons are going to be more important than ever thanks to one interesting chemistry change.

Ahead of the FC 24 release date and FC 24 early access period, EA Sports has revealed that Icons (which will now only have one base version, not three) will now “give an additional chemistry contribution to every league that’s represented in your squad”. What does this mean? Well, it means that adding an Icon to your active squad should give you a bonus chemistry contribution when it comes to every single league in your squad – in addition to the nation chemistry bonuses a player would normally enjoy.

If you add two Icons to your squad, you should find that you’ll guarantee yourself at least one additional chemistry point per player thanks to the stacking contributions. This is going to make Icons more important than ever before if you want to build a varied squad with players from multiple leagues and nations.

You can see this in action, with a brief explainer, at around the 02:26 mark in the video below:

YouTube Thumbnail

EA Sports also adds that the same applies to Women Icons in this set of Pitch Notes, which add more detail to all the changes discussed in the video above.

Sure, FC 24 might be sending FIFA back to the bench with this franchise first feature, but the chemistry changes being employed only improve an already enjoyable Ultimate Team experience.  If you want to brush up on more of the new features, you can find out everything you need to know about FC 24 Ultimate Team evolutions and FC 24 PlayStyles right here. Knowing what both of these mean is going to be vitally important to making the most of your squad.