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Exoprimal Monster Hunter crossover swings for Capcom chaos

Chaos escapes Kamura and heads to another Capcom game, as the Exoprimal Monster Hunter crossover joins Exoprimal's post-launch content plan on PS5 and Xbox.

Exoprimal Monster Hunter crossover

Exoprimal doesn’t just give you the power to wreck dinosaurs in an Exosuit. It also gives you the power to collaborate with Capcom games in unique ways. Already one of the more fun-looking upcoming PS5 games and upcoming Xbox games on the horizon, Exoprimal sets its sights on another Capcom collaboration. Following the announcement of the forthcoming Exoprimal x Street Fighter 6 update, dino-hunters can also look forward to the Exoprimal Monster Hunter crossover.

We’re teetering closer to the Exoprimal release date, and Capcom confirms that “we also plan on conducting our second Capcom collaboration during Season 3 with the Monster Hunter series.” Sadly, the Resident Evil developer doesn’t unearth any gameplay from this fruitful crossover, but naturally encourages players to “keep an eye out for more info down the road.”

The Street Fighter 6 crossover is fun, and of course, we want to see ridiculous feats like Ryu shooting down enormous beasts. But when it comes to the many different Capcom properties, Monster Hunter seems like a genius fit for Exoprimal.

The sheer scale of battles in Monster Hunter Rise is a testament to the intensity Capcom can bring, and that same ethos can be applied to the game’s weaponry.

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Big, heaving swords and dual blades? Just tools of the trade for The Hunter, after all. Our Exoprimal preview sees similar fun applied to the game’s combat, so we definitely recommend using the Murasame exosuit if you’re looking to swashbuckler with dinos using a gigantic katana. We imagine that the Monster Hunter crossover will bring new Exosuit cosmetics, rigs, and more. The sound of some wicked cosmetics inspired by some of the fiercest warriors in Kamura Village is music to our ears.

There are some caveats to explore though, if you’re looking to team up with your friends.

Luckily for you, we’ve made it super easy to figure out all the Exoprimal crossplay settings when you boot up the game. Your friends don’t need to feel left out of the fun either, as Exoprimal is on Xbox Game Pass – alongside many of the best Xbox Series X games on the platform.