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Diablo 4 map reveals fate of these Diablo 3 locations in Sanctuary

Rogues, Barbarians and Necromancers are exploring the Diablo 4 map, leading to discoveries in Sanctuary that bring Diablo 3 lore into the PS5 and Xbox RPG.

Diablo 3 map with Diablo 4 character Lorath on top of it

When not grinding and perfecting their Diablo 4 classes, avid players are exploring the Diablo 4 map and piecing together remnants of Diablo 3 lore, following the discovery of familiar locations previously seen in one of the best RPG games around.

Taking time away from slaying all the formidable Diablo 4 bosses, Redditor ‘James_Bono’ brings together the game’s eagle-eyed community to unearth “Diablo 3 places that exist in Diablo 4.” Equipped with an already sturdy list of comparisons, the Redditor affirms that locations such as the Lair of the Witch (Alcarnus) and the Hidden Camp in Caldeum are still intact, well mostly, in the recent addition to the RPG franchise.

Others are enjoying these discoveries too, with Diablo 4 fan ‘CoboCabana’ sharing that “I just came across that whole area where you fight Maghda,” referring to the deadly aforementioned Alcarnus location. Diablo 3 pitted players against this foe in the Act 2 story quest titled The City of Blood. Maghda, the leader of an order known as the Cover, specializes in demon summoning and torture. You know, fairly normal activities.

Diablo 3 places that exists in Diablo 4
by u/james_bono in Diablo

Some callbacks to Diablo 3 aren’t quite as fulfilling for some fans, with ‘Skjeggfanden’ adding that the “Dalghur Oasis is in the game. [It is] quite small, though.” The location in Diablo lore has existed for over 1,500 years, before the cataclysmic End of Days event. However, Dalghur Oasis was far bigger back then.

“Seeing all these [Diablo 3] callbacks, you know who I always wanted to see return? Halbu and Jamella, but in glory, not just as random spirits,” says ‘Ezekku’. The Diablo 4 Redditor adds that “to this day they remain as some of my favorite NPCs.” First appearing in Diablo 2, Halbu and Jamella appear in a ghost-like form to players, but offer out useful items such as armor, weapons, bolts, and arrows.

We can’t wait to see what else is found across the game’s vast world. Although, we’d recommend exploring with one of many trusty Diablo 4 mounts.

There are heaps of secrets and easter eggs to be found in Diablo 4, but you also might want to find them with a little more style. Perhaps modeling yourself after Kratos or He-Man will do the job – it certainly did for these players. Once you’ve done that though, don’t forget to chase up all the Diablo 4 Unique items hiding within Sanctuary.