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Destiny 2 Guardian Ranks explained

With the Lightfall expansion comes Destiny 2 Guardian Ranks, a new way to learn the ins and outs of the game while unlocking new features and helping others.

Destiny 2 Guardian Ranks explained: A team of Guardians wearing the cowboy outfits from the Spire of the Watcher dungeon.

Destiny 2 Guardian Ranks are a new system coming to the game with the release of the Lightfall expansion, aimed to guide players both new and old. With Guardian Ranks, Bungie hopes to improve the new-player experience and provide long-term goals, even for veteran Destiny players. To find out how to progress in the Destiny 2 Guardian Rank system and all the rewards you get for doing so, you’re in the right place.

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Destiny 2 Guardian Ranks explained

Destiny 2 Guardian Ranks are a new system designed to introduce new players to the game more smoothly and provide targets for both new and old players alike to chase.

With a total of 11 Guardian Ranks, players will climb through the ranks by completing designated challenges and tasks that take them through the many events and activities in the game. Furthermore, Guardian Ranks will also partially reset each Season.

Destiny 2 Guardian Ranks: A work-in-progress Guardian Ranks UI, showing Commendations, Seals, Triumphs, and more.

The first five Guardian Ranks are designed to introduce players to the game and expose them to the basics of Destiny 2. Through this process, New Lights will gain the knowledge they need to take on tougher challenges and interact with Destiny 2’s most complex systems, including the later stage of the Guardian Ranks. It’s likely that these early Ranks will task players with completing a variety of core activities and system, such as Patrols, Lost Sectors, and Public Events, or with crafting and levelling up an arsenal of weapons. Completing these Guardian Rank challenges and objectives will increase your Guardian Rank.

Guardian Ranks six to ten will be more related to the current season and expansion, which will therefore reset with the arrival of new seasons when new content is added. These Guardian Ranks will cover the current expansion, season and seasonal artifact, Nightfalls, Champions, Lost Sectors, Power, and even the new Commendations system. In a press event attended by The Loadout, creative director Tyson Green pointed out that “One of the things [they] want the highest Ranks to represent is the respect other Guardians have for you”, “where you’ll seeking the approval and respect of other Guardians you’ve been playing with”.

It’s worth noting that Destiny veterans won’t have to worry about going through this content again. Players who have already completed the introductory New Light campaign and have been playing the game for some time will find themselves automatically on the higher Guardian Ranks. This also means that experienced Guardians will not have to reacquire certain functions that will now be unlocked through Guardian Ranks after Lightfall, such as certain Mods.

Bungie has alluded to rewards and unlockables tied to the Guardian Rank system, though it is more so intended to convey a player’s experience and knowledge of the game to assist in social and group activities. For instance, additional loadout slots are awarded through progressing up the Guardian Ranks ladder. Likewise new Mods are unlocked as you rank up as well. This is all in an effort to not overwhelm newer players.

Guardian Ranks are also intended to show off a player’s journey to others, since Guardian Ranks are public. In the press event, creative director Tyson Green noted that “When you see a Rank 11 player in the Tower, you know that is a person who is accomplished as a player and accomplished as a leader”. Reaching the higher levels, particularly Rank 11, will show other players that you’re an experienced Guardian who has braved the hardest content in the game, worked well with others, and is overall very knowledgeable and capable.

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