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Dead Space remake infinite money glitch - how to do it

Find out how to do the Dead Space remake infinite money glitch and grab yourself a huge chunk of money for your playthroughs on the Ishimura

Dead Space Remake Infinite Money: Isaac can be seen

Now that Dead Space has been out, players have discovered a fascinating Dead Space remake infinite money glitch. This glitch can net you massive profits and make your tougher runs through the game far easier.

By enjoying the benefits of a lot of Credits you can buy so much more in a run of Dead Space. This includes all the Dead Space weapon upgrades, Dead Space suit upgrades, ammo for the Dead Space remake weapons, and health items and other gear. With all this you can take down the Dead Space bosses and make it through the Dead Space chapters so much easier and faster.

Dead Space remake infinite money

To do the Dead Space remake infinite money glitch, you need to shoot Pulse Rifle mines, upgrade your Rifle capacity, and sell the mines you plant.

This will effectively allow you to constantly cycle through upgrades on your Pulse Rifle, plant new proximity mines when you upgrade the capacity of it (which refills the ammo), and then sell the mines you pick back up. This glitch works because the money you make from selling your ammo as you upgrade is significantly larger than the money it costs to reset the upgrades on your Pulse Rifle.

So for a more detailed breakdown read on below or use ‘I Lap The Flash‘ guide here:

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First, you want to head to a location where there is a Bench and Shop nearby. In addition, you will need to stock up on Nodes, about ten to 13. You can do this with seven, but you will want as big of an upgrade tree for the weapon as possible But, our Dead Space Nodes locations can help you with that.

Once there, fire your Pulse Rifle proximity mines on the ground near you with the alternate fire button on your controller or mouse. Next, go to the Bench and upgrade your Pulse Rifle using the Nodes until you hit one of the Capacity upgrades

This will refill all your ammo in your magazine. You can then exit the bench and shoot additional proximity minds. From there, simply repeat, upgrading your rifle to the next Capacity upgrade, firing more mines.

Once you have upgraded the Pulse Rifle and filled all the capacity slots, head to the Bench and choose to reset the upgrades for the Pulse Rifle, which will cost you $5,000 Credits. But, you will have far more than that on the ground in ammo.

With the upgrades reset, simply repeat the process to rack up Dead Space Credits either for your Dead Space New Game Plus run or Dead Space Impossible mode run. This does still work right now, but Motive are likely to patch it soon, so earn those Credits while you can.

Its best to do this later in the game to really be able to shoot as much ammo as possible and buy as many upgrades before resetting your upgrade tree. Now you know how to do the Dead Space remake Infinite money glitch, find out even more tips and guides in our Dead Space remake walkthrough on the survival-horror game.