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Dead Space Credits - how to get and earn money

Find out about Dead Space credits and how you cna get and earn money while exploring the Ishimura and defeating Necromorphs aboard it.

Dead Space Credits: Isaac can be seen

You will pick up many items in your time with the Dead Space remake. But, one of the most valuable and ubiquitous are Dead Space Credits which are the core currency in the game. These are used for purchasing a whole variety of items and will be something you always want to keep an eye out for.

Below, you can find an overview of how they work and the core ways in which you can find credits as you are exploring. In addition, we will also discuss how the difficulty level you are on as you are experiencing the Dead Space story and meeting the Dead Space characters will affect the number of Credits you get.

Dead Space Credits

Dead Space credits (money) can be found throughout the Ishimura in crates, on shelves, tables, from enemies you stomp, and lockers in the environment, and can be obtained by selling items. Credits are the main currency and they are vital to being able to buy schematics, items, and more from the game’s store.

Credits are less plentiful on the harder Dead Space difficulty levels and even less common in the environment when playing on the Dead Space Impossible mode. So, you will want to use them wisely and purchase what you need during your run. In some cases, this will be ammo, but in other cases, it will be the various Dead Space suit upgrades which are used to upgrade your inventory in Dead Space or one of the many Dead Space weapon upgrades.

That covers what you need to know about getting Dead Space credits and earning money as you explore. For more tips and general information on the game, our Dead Space remake walkthrough has all the articles and useful guides to help you out.