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Dead Space Impossible mode difficulty overview and guide

Get an overview of the altered and revamped Dead Space remake Impossible mode difficulty and how it works in the latest version of the game.

Dead Space Impossible Mode: Isaac can be seen looking at a wall holding his Plasma Cutter

Have you heard of Dead Space’s Impossible mode? If not, then this article is for you as we will provide a deep dive into just how tricky it is and what changes Motive have made to it in this new version of the game. Similarly, if you know the game like the back of your hand, you will still want to take a read to know what to expect from it.

This mode is only unlocked after completing the game, so you will have some familiarity with how the game is structured and where enemies are by the time you tackle the mode in Dead Space. But even if you aren’t taking on this difficulty in Dead Space’s new game plus, you will still need to be on the top of your game.

Dead Space Impossible mode

Dead Space remake’s Impossible mode is the hardest difficulty in the game and is unlocked after completing the game on any difficulty. It has a number of challenging alterations to the gameplay, including:

  • Necromorphs are as tough as they are on Hard
  • Isaac deals less damage and takes more damage
  • Item drops are decreased
  • You only get one save file
  • Dying will lower your difficulty to Hard, at which point it can’t be raised again

This is the hardest challenge in the game and trying to beat the game on this difficulty is no easy task. Add in the fact that New Game Plus also introduces new Necromorph variants and you have a really tough ride through the USG Ishimura.

The only way to avoid your saves being lowered down to Hard is to make use of cloud saves on your platform of choice. So, if you are trying to nab the achievement or trophy for completing the game on Impossible, you will want to make use of them.

That covers what you need to know about the Dead Space Impossible mode. If you are jumping into the highest difficulty you will want to ensure you are using the best Dead Space weapons and upgrading your gear and finding schematics. All of those articles and guides can be found in our Dead Space walkthrough which is packed with useful tips and information.