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Does Dead Space have new game plus?

Are you wondering if there is a Dead Space new game plus mode in the Remake? Here is what you need to know about post-game in the survival horror title.

Dead Space New Game Plus: Isaac can be seen fighting an enemy

Are you curious to know if Dead Space new game plus is available in the remake? Motive has made a number of big additions and improvements to the game so many are expecting a new game plus mode to be a shoo-in.

In this guide, we will go over whether or not you can expect to be able to replay the game with all your gear and resources, or if you will just need to completely replay the game from the beginning. If you are looking at this before playing, its also worth taking a look at our Dead Space characters guide and our Dead Space voice actors and cast guide to see who plays them.

Does Dead Space have new game plus?

The Dead Space Remake does have a new game plus mode. This was confirmed in a tweet from the official Dead Space Twitter account. This mode will allow players to bring over their resources and powers to a second playthrough and start off much stronger.

In addition to the mode, there is also a trophy and achievement for beating the game on New Game Plus. So, you will want to do multiple playthroughs if you are looking to fully complete the game. The New Game Plus mode has a secret ending which can be obtained, alongside a level 6 Advanced Suit upgrade, and new Phantom Variant Necromorphs.

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