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Dead Space Remake cast and voice actors

With both new and returning faces from the original, the Dead Space Remake cast and voice actors is looking frighteningly good so far

Dead Space cast and voice actors: Protagonist Isaac Clarke in his iconic suit, looking over his shoulder.

Dead Space, the quintessential cosmic horror gaming experience is back with Dead Space Remake, an overhauled version of the original game. While you might expect the Dead Space Remake cast and voice actors to be unchanged from the original, there are some interesting changes and additions in this long-overdue remake.

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Dead Space Remake cast and voice actors

Here are the currently known Dead Space Remake cast and voice actors:

  • Gunner Wright as Isaac Clarke
  • Tanya Clarke as Nicole Brennan
  • Anthony Alabi as Zach Hammond
  • Brigitte Kali Canales as Kendra Daniels
  • Faran Tahir as Challus Mercer

Perhaps the most interesting detail about the Dead Space Remake cast and voice actors is that the previously silent Dead Space 1 protagonist, Isaac Clarke, will be voiced by Gunner Wright. Wright is known for having portrayed Isaac Clarke in both Dead Space 2 and 3, where Clarke was a fully voiced character, and for his role in the film Love.

As for returning voices and faces, we know that Tanya Clarke will reprise her role as Nicole Brennan from the original Dead Space 1 and 2. You may recognise Tanya Clarke from her roles in Banshee and American Horror Story.

There are also several new additions to the Dead Space Remake cast and voice actors who will be replacing the original cast. Firstly, Anthony Alabi, a former NFL player who left in 2010 to pursue acting, will now voice Zach Hammond instead of Peter Mensah’s portrayal of the character in the original Dead Space 1. Similarly, Brigitte Kali Canales, known for playing Rachel in AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead and Trace Martez in Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Bad Batch, will now portray Kendra Daniels. This role was originally fulfilled by Tonatzin Carmelo. Finally, Faran Tahir, known for his role as Raz in Iron Man, Captain Robau in Star Trek, and President Patel in Elysium, will now portray Challus Mercer, rather than Navid Negahban in the original.

That’s all the currently known Dead Space Remake cast and voice actors, which features both new and returning faces, including a fully voiced protagonist to match the later titles in the hit series. In the meantime, why not find out how a Dead Space Remake can coexist with Callisto Protocol’s sci-fi horror? Despite the similarities, there’s room for two space survival horror games.