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Dead Space length and how long to beat

Get an idea of the Dead Space length for the remake so you know how much time you will be spending on the USG Ishimura facing off against horrifying threats.

Dead Space Length: Isaac can be seen shooting a creature

Do you want to know what the Dead Space length and time to beat is, specifically for the Dead Space Remake? Well, you are in luck as this article will have all the information you need to know about. Unsurprisingly, you shouldn’t expect too much deviation from the original game, but there is a little bit extra to sink your teeth into here.

Thanks to some extra content added by Motive, the runtime of the game has increased a little bit and you can expect to spend an extra hour or two on the USG Ishimura if you want to do everything in Dead Space. But, don’t expect any huge additions or the game’s length to extend significantly despite the Dead Space remake differences Motive has implemented and if you use the best Dead Space remake weapons or not.

Dead Space length

The Dead Space length is about 11-13 hours, and with some added content in the Dead Space Remake, a full playthrough is about 14-15 hours.

With the game being a traditional, linear adventure, you won’t find too much to keep you busy outside of those main missions. However, Motive has added some replayability aspects to the game with a Dead Space remake new game plus mode and a randomised system that changes lighting and other atmospheric aspects of the journey aboard the USG Ishimura.

So there you have it, that is the Dead Space Remake length and the time it takes to beat the game. For more on the adventure on the Ishimura, be sure to check back for our other guides in our Dead Space walkthrough and our Dead Space Remake review.