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The Dead Space remake differences

Get an overview of all the key and big Dead Space remake differences when it comes ot story and gameplay in Motive's version of the classic horror game.

Dead Space Remake Differences: Isaac can be seen

As with any remake, one of the most exciting parts is discovering just what has changed from the original release. Although Dead Space isn’t that old, Motive has made a lot of changes to the new remake, creating a pretty long list of Dead Space remake differences that allow the game to shine in a whole new way.

These changes affect the Dead Space characters, the gameplay in Dead Space, how the entire game is structured, the Dead Space length (slightly), and more. Virtually every aspect of the game has been updated and modernised in some way and the full list of those changes can be seen below.

Dead Space remake differences

The key Dead Space remake differences players can expect are:

  • Enhanced graphics all-around
  • Necromorph peeling system
  • Intensity Director to randomise lighting, enemy spawns, and more
  • Side Quests to revisit areas of the Ishimura
  • New puzzles and level layouts
  • The Ishimura is one connected level, no loading screens
  • Isaac now speaks and has dialogue
  • Restricted areas that require security clearance upgrades
  • Enhanced Zero G control with full movement
  • An alternate ending
  • Additional audio logs and expanded dialogue for the characters, with some additional changes
  • New upgrades in the upgrade grid for weapons
  • New weapon alternate fires

The biggest upgrades here are of cause the visual upgrades which enhance every aspect of the game from lighting to textures to characters and more. Paired with that is the new Necromorph peeling system where flesh will rip off as you shoot the enemies. The Intensity Director adds unpredictability to each encounter and trip through the Ishimura with randomised elements of the game like enemy spawns and lighting.

Some new content has also been added including brand-new weapon alternate fires and upgrades. An alternate ending can also be unlocked once you have finished the new game plus mode and found some brand-new items. In addition Zero G from Dead Space 2 and 3 has been added to the Dead Space remake. Finally, a selection of new puzzles and side quests have been added encouraging you to revisit areas and find secrets.

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So as you can see, there are some impressive enhancements and upgrades here and the biggest Dead Space remake differences really add to the experience in whole new ways. Our Dead Space review goes over exactly how and lavishes the remake with praise. If you are on the fence about buying it, you probably should.