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Dead Space characters - a guide to everyone on the Ishimura

Get an overview of the Dead Space charactersin the remake and who you will meet as you are exploring the overtaken ship that is the USG Ishimura.

Dead Space Characters: Isaac can be seen

Dead Space is well-known for its characters who were memorable and Isaac himself is one of the most beloved protagonists in games. But, with the Dead Space remake here, what can we expect from the Dead Space characters in this enhanced and upgraded version of the horror game?

Motive has expanded some of the roles of the characters we all know well and even altered some of them in small ways. So, for long-time fans, there will be a surprise or two in this version of Dead Space. In addition, as you are playing through the game for the first time or with the Dead Space remake new game plus mode, there will be some new Dead Space remake voice actors and cast lending their vocal cords to the remake.

Dead Space characters:

Here are all the Dead Space characters in the remake:

  • Isaac Clarke
  • Nicole Brennan
  • Kendra Daniels
  • Zach Hammond
  • Chen
  • Johnston
  • Challus Mercer
  • Terrence Kyne
  • Benjamin Mathius
  • Jacob Temple
  • Elizabeth Cross

Isaac Clarke

Isaac is the protagonist of Dead Space and a former ship systems engineer who worked for the Concordance Extraction Corporation. Sent to the USG Ishimura on the USG Kellion, he finds himself caught in a hostile, deadly spot when he finds himself in the middle of a ship overrun with deadly creatures.

Nicole Brennan

Nicole Brennan is a medical officer aboard the USG Ishimura who is alive at the initial Necromorph outbreak. She is also Isaac’s partner.

Kendra Daniels

Kenda is a computer specialist aboard the USG Kellion who is assigned alongside Isaac and the rest of the crew to investigate the distress signal aboard the USG Ishimura.

Zach Hammond

Zach is a chief security officer aboard the USG Kellion. He assists Isaac and the rest of the crew as they first board the Ishimura and face off the Necromorphs.


Chen is a part of the Kellion’s security team and arrives on the Ishimura alongside Isaac and the rest of the crew.


Corporal Johnston is the co-pilot of the USG Kellion and was under the command of Zach Hammond. She stays behind at the Kellion after it arrives aboard the Ishimura. Here is the remake Johnston is now female instead of male like they were in the original.

Challus Mercer

Challus is a scientist stationed aboard the Ishimura who Isaac comes across as he is exploring. He is a strange threat and has larger plans beyond simply trying to survive.

Terrence Kyne

Terrence is the chief science officer of the USG Ishimura and a ranking member of the Church of Unitology. He became an expert on the Black Marker, resulting in him being stationed aboard the ship.

Benjamin Mathius

Benjamin was the captain of the Ishimura before it fell to the Necromorphs. He led the ship’s mission to retrieve Marker 3A for the Church of Unitology.

Jacob Temple

Jacob Temple is an engineer who worked on the Ishimura. He finds himself trying to survive as the Necromorphs attack.

Elizabeth Cross

Elizabeth was a horticulturalist aboard the USG Ishimura. She was one of the few survivors left alive by the time the Kellion and Isaac arrived to respond to the distress call.

That covers all the Dead Space remake characters. As you can see almost all of them have been retained from the original in the same way. Although, there are a few small changes here and there to either develop them more or expand their roles. For more on the game as you are getting started on your journey through the Ishimura, check out our guide on the Dead Space length to see how long the campaign will take you to beat.