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Dead Space remake best weapons

Get an overview of the Dead Space remake best weapons so you know what you should be using when exploring the Ishimura and killing Necromorphs

Dead Space Remake Best Weapons: Isaac can be seen shooting a Necromorph

Are you curious about some of the Dead Space remake best weapons, so that you know you are using the most powerful guns while slaying Necromorphs? Well, you have come to the right place! Below, you can find an overview of our choices when it comes to crafting a set-up of the top weapons for each encounter.

From long-range, powerful weapons to get the jump on the enemy or reliable guns for when you are surprised or crept up upon, our four choices below will help keep you alive. With them, you can then see the Dead Space story through to the end with the Dead Space characters and also figure out how to get the Dead Space remake alternate ending.

Dead Space remake best weapons

The best weapons in the Dead Space remake are:

  • Plasma Cutter
  • Pulse Rifle
  • Ripper
  • Contact Beam

The Plasma Cutter might be the first weapon you get in the game, but it is easily the most reliable and it stays that way throughout the full list of Dead Space chapters. It is able to cut through Necromorphs and the amount of ammo you get for it means it will often be the gun you fall back on. Similarly, the Pulse Rifle is just as reliable, able to fire stronger bullets and also sustain fire for longer.

Next up is the Ripper which is almost certainly the strongest gun in the game due to its close-range and long-rang capability. Finally, the Contact Beam is our last choice which is a powerful, damage-dealing gun that can offer up a big dose of damage when needed. This all creates a varied and diverse weapon set that you will want to use and have equipped.

With these weapons by your side, you will hopefully survive the threats you face on the Ishimura. For more guides, on top of our Dead Space remake best weapons recommendations, check out our Dead Space walkthrough. There you can find tips on the game’s collectibles, other items, and more information about the game.