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Dead Space chapters list

Get an idea of the Dead Space chapters list in the remake to see how long you will spend in each of them with the new additions and updates.

Dead Space Chapters: Isaac and the crew can be seen walking into the Ishimura

As you would expect with a faithful remake like this one, the Dead Space chapters aren’t too different to the original game. In fact, they are structured in the exact same way. However, due to the upgrades Motive has given the game, you will find some surprises in each one and as such, they may end up running a little longer than you remember.

But, generally, you will still meet the same Dead Space characters and the events will still play out in the same way, so don’t expect any huge differences. But, if you do want an idea of how long each of the remade chapters in Dead Space is then below you can find a list of them and rough estimations of their length based on our playtime. These round out to make the full Dead Space length for the remake as well, which is also similar to the original game.

Dead Space chapters

There are 12 Dead Space Remake chapters and they are:

  • Chapter 1: New Arrivals (40-55 minutes)
  • Chapter 2: Intensive Care (40-60 minutes)
  • Chapter 3: Course Correction (35-50 minutes)
  • Chapter 4: Obliteration (45-65 minutes)
  • Chapter 5: Lethal Devotion (30-45 minutes)
  • Chapter 6: Environmental Hazard (50-70 minutes)
  • Chapter 7: Into The Void (45-70 minutes)
  • Chapter 8: Search and Rescue (30-50 minutes)
  • Chapter 9: Dead On Arrival (40-60 minutes)
  • Chapter 10: End Of Days (55-80 minutes)
  • Chapter 11: Alternate Solutions (35-50 minutes)
  • Chapter 12: Dead Space (40-50 minutes)

As mentioned, this list doesn’t look any different, however, some of the average lengths are just a tad bit longer as the Ishimura is more fleshed out now. While making your way through these chapters you will definitely want to explore and find some secrets, including getting the Dead Space Remake alternate ending which is new for this version of the classic game.

If you are making your way through the horror game, and now that you have the full Dead Space chapters list then our Dead Space walkthrough will have you covered with a ton of other guides to help you get through the Ishimura on the different Dead Space difficulty levels in the game. If you are also looking for more horror games our best Xbox horror games and best PS5 horror games articles will have you covered.