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Dead Space difficulty levels and modes

Are you looking for an idea of the Dead Space difficulty levels and modes in the remake? Here is what they all mean from the easiest to the toughest.

Dead Space diffculty levels: Isaac can be seen killing a creature

The Dead Space remake makes a number of enhancements and changes to offer up a more modern experience, but still one that reflects the original game. However, have those updates altered the Dead Space difficulty levels?

In this guide, we will go over all of those Dead Space difficulty levels what they mean and how they will affect your gameplay. Of course, the higher the difficulty the harder the experience. That is also enhanced with the Dead Space new game plus mode which has its own threats to face off against as you attempt to unlock the Dead Space alternate ending, Motive has added to the game.

Dead Space difficulty levels

The Dead Space remake has five difficulty modes. They are:

  • Story 
  • Easy
  • Medium
  • Hard
  • Impossible

In Story mode, Isaac deals much more damage, takes much less damage and has a bigger Oxygen tank. He also heals automatically and grappling attacks from enemies can be escaped much easier. Easy is a step above that retaining Isaac’s enhanced Oxygen tank, damage output, and resistance (albeit to a lesser degree than Story). Enemy grapple attacks are also harder to escape.

Medium is the baseline difficulty the rest of the game is built around with standard damage taken and damage dealt. Hard mode means that Isaac will take much more damage and deal less damage. Finally, there is Impossible mode. This is unlocked after beating the game and means you only get one save state, although you can overwrite it.

Isaac takes the amount of damage he does on Hard and also deals the same amount of damage. But, if you happen to die at any point, your difficulty will be bumped down to Hard and you cannot change it back. There is also no autosave. This is an extremely punishing mode and the only way to avoid dropping difficulty is by using cloud saves on your platform of choice.  So, you will need a good loadout to beat the game on this difficulty.

That covers all of the Dead Space difficulty levels in the remake. For more information about the game before you jump in, check out our Dead Space walkthrough which is filled with guides, including the Dead Space length and time to complete the game.