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Dead Space how to upgrade inventory space

Find out how to upgrade inventory space in Dead Space remake so that you can carry even more items as you are exploring the Ishimura.

Dead Space Upgrade Inventory: Isaac can be seen shooting a Necromorph

If you are just stepping foot on the Ishimura in Dead Space, you might be wondering why your inventory space is filling up faster than you can sever the limbs off a Necromorph with the Plasma Cutter. While your inventory space in Dead Space isn’t as limited as in other horror games, it is still somewhat limiting. However, you are able to upgrade your inventory space in Dead Space a number of times.

The process of doing this in Dead Space is fairly easy and won’t require you to go searching around the Ishimura for items or hidden secrets. But, you will still want to thoroughly loot everything and maybe save your Dead Space credits for these upgrades, rather than buying ammo or health packs.

Dead Space how to upgrade inventory space

To upgrade your inventory space in the Dead Space remake you need to purchase suit upgrades from the store located throughout the Ishimura. These upgrades cost an increasing amount of Credits, all the way up to suit upgrade five.

There are a total of six Dead Space suit upgrades that can be grabbed throughout the game, but that final upgrade is exclusive to the Dead Space new game plus mode. The big boon with this is that you can hold more items, which is key for stocking up on ammo for the many different Dead Space weapons in the game. So, saving up your Credits and grabbing them is a hugely worthwhile effort.

As you can see though, upgrading your inventory space in Dead Space isn’t a tricky thing to do and each new upgrade will slowly be given to you as you progress throughout the game. For more tips to help you out as you keep progressing, our Dead Space remake walkthrough has everything you need.