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All Dead Space suit upgrades explained

Get an idea for all the Dead Space suit upgrades in the game and what bonuses you can expect from them when they are purchased from the store.

Dead Space Suit Upgrades: Isaac can be seen

One of the most valuable upgrades you can find as you explore the Ishimura in the Dead Space remake is suit upgrades. But, what exactly do each of these Dead Space suit upgrades do? This article will answer that question for you and take you through each one.

In addition to these Dead Space upgrades, which aren’t visual, there are a number of Dead Space remake suits which are in the game. But, these aren’t available to everyone. Thankfully though, these suit upgrades that allow you to upgrade your inventory in Dead Space and more are available to everyone.

Dead Space suit upgrades

There are a total of six Dead Space suit upgrades which can be purchased from the store or found throughout the Ishimura. These are:

  • Suit level 1 – 12 inventory slots (base suit)
  • Suit level 2 – 18 inventory slots, 5% armor bonus (found in any store)
  • Suit level 3 – 22 inventory slots, 10% armor bonus (found in EVA Prep Room, Bridge)
  • Suit level 4 – 26 inventory slots, 15% armor bonus (found in Equipment Workshop, Mining)
  • Suit level 5 – 30 inventory slots, 20% armor bonus (found in Zero-G Gym, Crew Quarters)
  • Suit level 6 – 30 inventory slots, 30% armor bonus (found in any store in new game plus)

Each of these suits will give you a nice bonus to your inventory, a larger one than what was available in the original game and an armour bonus. It’s worth noting that these bonuses do not stack so if you switch from suit level 1 to suit level 2 you will gain six more inventory slots, not another 18.

We are slowly working our way through finding all of these, so we will be sure to update this guide with individual locations as we make our way through the game. But, you can find the individual Dead Space suit upgrades locations below:

Dead Space suit level 1 location

This is the base suit you get at the beginning of the game. It can’t be found as this is Isaac’s base starting inventory space and armour.

Dead Space suit level 2 location

Suit level 2 can be found in any store in the game. It can be purchased for 10,000 Dead Space Credits.

Dead Space suit level 3 location

The third level of suit upgrade can be found in the Water Purification section of the Bridge. Once here head into the exterior access tunnel and then the room on your right. This suit can be purchased for 20,000 Credits in the store.

Dead Space suit level 6 location

The final suit level upgrade can be found in Dead Space’s new game plus mode only. This suit costs a whopping 99,000 Credits and can be found in any store.

That covers the Dead Space suit upgrades. With all these enhancements to your inventory and armour, you will be more than ready to take on the tougher Necromorph threats. For even more guides on the game, check out our Dead Space walkthrough which is packed full of useful information and tips.