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Don’t miss out on your free Warzone 4th anniversary rewards

To celebrate four years of Call of Duty Warzone, the COD store is giving players free rewards on PS5 and Xbox, so don't skip over them.

Warzone 4th anniversary free rewards: An image of Makarov in Call of Duty Warzone.

Somehow, four years have gone by since we first stepped foot in Verdansk in Warzone. Although this amazing map is gone, we were still all there for the glorious Grau meta, wild story twists in Call of Duty lore, and new maps along the way. To celebrate this monumental occasion, you’ll need to claim your free Warzone rewards before they’re gone.  

Free rewards come and go in the Call of Duty store, but most of the time they’re a little bland. The good news is that this particular bundle of treats to use in one of the best battle royale games around is a solid offering — especially if you want a trip down memory lane. If you head to the in-game store right now, you’ll find the Warzone 4th Anniversary Pack, which comes with a total of 13 free cosmetics.

Out of this these new rewards, 12 of them stickers that you can apply to your best Warzone loadouts, which you be equipping with guns dominating the Warzone meta right now. One of which is the dependable MCW, which will receive a brand-new blueprint. It’ll give the sturdy Warzone gun a fresh aesthetic, depicting key locations in Warzone history and plenty of POIs you’ll have done battle at.

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  • ‘Well-Travelled’ MCW blueprint
  • ‘Open Air Market’ sticker
  • ‘Paradisum’ sticker
  • ‘Rebirth Island’ sticker
  • ‘The Palace’ sticker
  • ‘Caldera Shores’ sticker
  • ‘Urzikstan Rail’ sticker
  • ‘Verdansk Arena’ sticker
  • ‘Vondel’ sticker
  • ‘Fortune’s Keep’ sticker
  • ‘Gora Dam’ sticker
  • ‘Live, Respawn, Repeat’ sticker
  • ‘Oasis’ sticker

Normally stickers and emblems aren’t that appealing to us, but in the spirit of nostalgia, these will serve as a great reminder of the times we’ve had. The bundle arrives alongside the debut of a refreshed Rebirth Island, accompanied by Resurgence playlists to settle your scores within.

Although, if it has been a while since dropped into the ever popular multiplayer game, then don’t worry. That’s where Warzone Bootcamp can help, a new mode designed to teach newcomers and returning players the ropes. When you do land on Rebirth Island, there’s also a secret to unravel in this strange Easter egg.

Right now there isn’t an end date in sight for this bundle, but we reckon it’ll be gone soon, so don’t hesitate to add it to your inventory.

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