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Warzone Season 3 adds a lucrative new Rebirth Island easter egg

Rebirth Island is back in Call of Duty Warzone Season 3, and it has a brand-new easter egg that rewards you with the spicy Redacted blueprint.

Warzone Season 3 easter egg: A split image showing a male soldier in black gear firing a gun with a dock in the background and a close up of a female soldier holding a pistol

Man, does it feel good to be dropping into Rebirth Island again. With Warzone Season 3 now live, the game’s best small map ever (in our humble opinion) is back. Surprisingly, for such a compact map, it’s always delivered on giving players secrets to find and elaborate easter eggs to complete, and this new version is no different. There’s a brand-new Rebirth Island easter egg for you to complete, which will reward you with a delicious blueprint for an excellent burst assault rifle.

On your travels around the new Rebirth Island, you may have come across an enticing-looking glass cabinet in the Industry POI, which is stuffed with armor vests, scorestreaks, and a weapon. Well, this new Warzone easter egg will let you crack it open and grab all that tasty loot for yourself in the battle royale. The weapon in question is a new blueprint called Redacted, and it’s a variant of the DG-56. While it shares its name with a blueprint released for Modern Warfare 2’s SAB-50 marksman rifle, the design is radically different, with a metallic red base and sheets of redacted documents plastered all over it.

It’s a proper tasty blueprint for a gun that’s certainly viable in the current Warzone meta, and the additional loot you get in that cabinet will also give you a massive in-game advantage. As a result, this is an easter egg that’s well-worth completing in one of the best multiplayer games around. So how do you do it?

Well, experienced Call of Duty easter egg hunter ‘Geeky Pastimes’ has cracked it already and produced an excellent guide that you can watch below.

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In a nutshell, you will need to complete three different tasks scattered around the map in order to make the three green lights on the panel next to the glass cabinet light up.

These can be fairly tricky – especially the one at Chemical Engineering, that involves you hunting for symbols and inputting corresponding numbers in the most fiddly way imaginable – making this a very tough easter egg to complete. However, those game-changing items and a very tasty DG-56 variant mean you are well-rewarded for your efforts.

Warzone Rebirth Island easter egg: A screenshot from the gunsmith menu showing the Redacted blueprint in COD Warzone

While an image from the Call of Duty Season 3 blog post appeared to show that the Red Room – a secret room unlocked on the old version of the map through a different elaborate easter egg – would be back, that easter egg appears to not be active at the moment. We expect it to arrive later in the season, and it could potentially be used to tease this year’s new COD title, rumored to be called Black Ops Gulf War. Rebirth Island was introduced during the Black Ops Cold War era of Warzone, so it has big links to the Black Ops series and its storyline, so it seems like the perfect place to drop a few breadcrumbs about the next game.

With new secrets and a shed load of content for Season 3, Warzone is further cementing itself as one of the best free shooting games out there.

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