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New Wonka-themed Xbox comes with the first official edible controller

If you want get your hands on the first official edible Xbox Wireless controller, you can thanks to the new Xbox Wonka Sweepstakes contest.

Xbox Wonka Sweepstakes contest: an image of Chalamet as Wonka and some Xbox controllers

Ahead of the long-awaited cinematic debut of Timothee Chalamet’s Willy Wonka in the musical Wonka, Microsoft is teaming up with Warner Bros Pictures to release a Wonka-themed Xbox Series X – complete with a chocolate shop display stand – into the world. It’s easily the sweetest custom Xbox console we’ve ever seen. In addition to that, though, Microsoft is also releasing the world’s first official edible Xbox controller. Those of you wanting to take a bite out of it, though, will have a tough time getting your hands on it.

If you want to check out some of the best Xbox games available right now – or any new Xbox games that pique your interest – on an Xbox console that looks like a giant bar of milk chocolate, Microsoft (sort of) has you covered. Right now, you can win a custom Wonka-themed Xbox that comes with the world’s first official edible Xbox controller (along with one you can actually use, don’t worry). We know ‘being made of chocolate’ isn’t a criteria we usually use when picking out the best Xbox controllers for you, but it’s hard not to want something like this.

From now until December 14, which is just before the full Wonka release date in theaters, you can enter this Xbox Wonka Sweepstakes contest to win a selection of both edible and non-edible prizes worth just shy of $800 – which is a prize well worth trying to win, if you ask us.

All you need to do is retweet (or re-post) this Xbox Wonka Sweepstakes social media post on X (formerly Twitter) and follow the official Xbox social media account on that platform to enter yourself into the contest. You only get one entry, and you must make sure you’re following Xbox for at least a week after your entry for it to count. You must also be over 18 to enter, but under 18s can get consent from a legal guardian to enter – so, don’t worry on missing out if you’re just shy of that.

Xbox Wonka sweepstakes: an image of the console in question

If you’re wondering how an Xbox Series X and a lump of chocolate is being valued at $800, though, you’re not alone. These terms and conditions explain that the following prizes for the Xbox Wonka Sweepstakes are:

  • Custom Xbox Series X console (valued at around $440)
  • Custom Xbox Wireless controller (valued at around $60)
  • Standard black Xbox Wireless controller (valued at around $60)
  • Custom Wonka Storefront Xbox Series X console display stand (valued at around $100)
  • Three-month Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription (valued at around $30)
  • Edible chocolate Xbox Wireless controller (valued at around $50)
  • Edible chocolate truffle bundle (valued at around $50)

That’s right, this prize bundle comes with three controllers – with two of them controllers you can actually use. It’s perfect for playing some of the best Xbox co-op games out there – even if you don’t want to share the expensive chocolates that come with it.

You’ll also be able to play some of the best Xbox Game Pass games available if you win; although, we really can’t recommend picking up Xbox Game Pass anyway enough. It’s easily the best deal in gaming right now and an active subscription gives you access to some of the best RPG games, the best FPS games, and the best open-world games for free. It’s hard to argue with that, right?

Much like this epic Barbie-themed Xbox console from a few months back, though, this Wonka-themed Xbox Series X (and everything else it comes with bar the black Xbox Wireless controller) seems to be a one-off. However, we do think Microsoft would make a tasty sum selling edible Xbox controllers – especially with the holidays now essentially upon us. Who knows, maybe we will see these hit the shelves at some point in the future; we definitely want to know what Xbox chocolate tastes like, anyway.

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If all of this, though, as got you in the mood to play some Xbox – or even finally pick up an Xbox Series X console for yourself – you’ll be pleased to know that we have everything you need to know about sorting out your set-up. From things like the best Xbox headsets and best Xbox expansion cards to the best Xbox controller chargers and the best Xbox Series X accessories, we have all the best Xbox deals for you to check out right here. With 2024 shaping up to be an exciting year for Xbox players, you really won’t want to miss out – even if you don’t get your hands on an edible controller.