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Xbox Game Pass is adding this Monster Hunter rival you need to play

New Xbox Game Pass games are joining Microsoft's huge library, including Wild Hearts, a Monster Hunter franchise rival worth checking out.

Wild Hearts Xbox Game Pass

Your latest collection of new Xbox Game Pass games is already rolling out some of its titles, including the newest project for developer Don’t Nod, Jusant. However, you might know that Game Pass subscribers can also get their hands on a Monster Hunter rival, that potentially slipped under your radar earlier this year. Get ready to clear some space on your Xbox.

Earlier this year, you may have been wondering: is Wild Hearts on Game Pass? According to a recent update from Xbox regarding all the new Xbox games joining Game Pass, the blog post confirms that Wild Hearts will join the service on Thursday, November 9, 2023. Released earlier this year under the EA Originals banner, developer Omega Force tasks the player with hunting down enormous creatures in the feudal Japan-inspired world Azuma. You can bring up to two friends along with you for the ride in Wild Hearts multiplayer, exploring several semi-open world hubs in the process.

The Wild Hearts campaign length gives you plenty of bang for your Game Pass buck, too, as you can expect to play it for at least 30 hours. Like Monster Hunter World and Monster Hunter Rise, which are some of the best Xbox games around, Wild Hearts is worth your time if you’re looking for a different spin on the genre. You don’t have to start the game with next-to-no knowledge about surviving, either, as we’ve put together a ranking of all the best Wild Hearts weapons you can acquire.

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Similar to the Monster Hunter games, you can make your character your own thanks to all the options available in Wild Hearts character customization. We love making truly weird and wonderful characters to battle with, but if you prefer to craft them closer to your likeness, you shouldn’t have problems bring your warrior to life.

And while you may have friends fighting alongside you, the game also allows you to recruit different Tsukumo across your travels. Finding them all is another matter, unless you’ve got this handy Wild Hearts Tsukumo locations guide, of course. Wild Hearts’ content expands past the 30-40 hour campaign, too. The Lethal Blossom update adds more creatures to defeat, so once you’ve got your character made and a trusty Tsukumo on your side, you’ll be ready to take down some of the game’s hardest bosses.

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If you’ve got extra space left on your Xbox still, even after you install Wild Hearts, there are other new titles to consider. Here are all the Xbox Game Pass November 2023 games you should check out.