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Wild Hearts length - how long to beat the game

You’ll be spending time preparing for the next hunt, but here’s the Wild Hearts length and how long it will take to beat the game.

Wild Hearts length: Hunter prepared to fight a Lavaback in front of them in Wild Hearts

As you hunt many Kemono and journey through the lands of Azuma, the Wild Hearts length can seem fairly long. Hunting down various beasts and spending hours crafting the best armour for each monster can increase the time you spend playing the latest monster hunting game.

Each of the Wild Hearts monsters vary in difficulty, with some taking much longer than others to defeat. While using the various Wild Hearts weapons and learning them may make things a bit faster, you’re definitely not going to complete the game during the Wild Hearts demo.

Wild Hearts length

The main story hunts and missions of Wild Hearts should take around 40 – 50 hours to complete, Koei Tecmo confirmed to The Loadout.

This is a pretty long time, even by most game standards, but things are likely to drastically increase after the credits roll. Similar to many games in the monster hunting genre, the endgame experience could see you put in hundreds of hours into Wild Hearts.

If you’re a hunter fanatic like us, you’ll probably be hoping to put in the overtime and work towards the best gear in Wild Hearts. Or maybe, you simply like to keep tackling the most difficult Kemono. Honestly, with these types of games, there’s no limit to how much time you can sink your teeth into it.

That’s the Wild Hearts length for any current or new Kemono hunters out there. Fortunately, things are easier with friends, and Wild Hearts crossplay is available for those looking to have someone tag along. However, Wild Hearts isn’t on Xbox One or PS4, unfortunately, so your last-gen friends may need to tap out on this one.