All Wild Hearts monsters and Kemono revealed so far

Get an idea of all the Wild Hearts monsters and Kemono you will be fighting and that have been revealed so far for the action game from Koei Tecmo

Wild Hearts Monsters Kemono: A Kemono can be seen

If Wild Hearts has been on your eye since it was announced you may be wondering what you will be fighting when you jump in. Well, here we will talk about all the revealed Wild Hearts monsters and Kemono that you will fight.

The Kemono in Wild Hearts differ from similar games as they are often infused with the wilderness, like plants, sap, and other natural elements. But, that doesn’t mean they aren’t a threat as they can absolutely decimate you when you pick the game up on the Wild Hearts release date.

Wild Hearts monsters and Kemono

So far we know of six Wild Hearts Kemono and monsters that have been revealed so far:

  • King Tusk
  • Ragetail
  • Sapscourge
  • Deathstalker
  • Amaterasu
  • Golden Tempest

King Tusk

The King Tusk is one of the larger monsters in the game and a plant-infused boar. This is one of the slower monsters in the game, with wide hits that can collide with multiple players and also catch you off guard if you think you are safe.

Wild Hearts Monsters Kemono: A King Tusk can be seen


One of the first monsters you will fight in the game, the Ragetail is a blend between a squirrel and rat and uses a massive flower pod to attack its foes. Its attacks are focused on hit-and-runs with light, fast attacks or larger harder-hitting attacks before getting out of the way.

Wild Hearts Monsters Kemono: A Ragetail can be seen


The Sapscourge appears to be based on a raccoon and comes with a sap-infused body, giving way to some unique attacks. The Sapscourge can deal attacks that hit hard and also deal a fair bit of stun which can leave you vulnerable as the Kemono comes running towards you.

Wild Hearts Monsters Kemono: A Sapscourge can be seen


A fitting name for a beast of its size, the Deathstalker is a ferocious wolf-like Kemono that is infused with ice. It can leap around the area, and you won’t want to be caught in its freezing bite. We’ll call it frostbite for now.

Wild Hearts monsters: Kemono Deathstalker in Wild Hearts


Like a phoenix out of hell, the Amaterasu is a high-flying bird that looks to have a few laser-like attacks that sweep at the ground. You’ll need to use plenty of Karakuri to avoid its sharp claws, as well as reach its height.

Wild Hearts monsters: Amaterasu in Wild Hearts

Golden Tempest

You’ll need the heart of a lion to take on this tiger. Infused with nature, this giant tiger uses its golden wing to protect itself, swinging it around at unknowing hunters and jumping around at fast speeds.

Wild Hearts monsters: Golden Tempest in Wild Hearts

And that covers all the Wild Hearts monsters and Kemono that have been revealed so far. Be sure to keep an eye out for more on the Japanese-infused Monster Hunter-like as we hear more about the game in the coming weeks.