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Wild Hearts monsters, origins and lore explained

Get an idea of all the Wild Hearts monsters and Kemono you will be fighting and that have been revealed so far for the action game from Koei Tecmo

Wild Hearts Monsters Kemono: A Kemono can be seen

If Wild Hearts has been on your eye since it was announced you may be wondering what you will be fighting when you jump in. Well, here we will talk about all the revealed Wild Hearts monsters that you will fight.

The Kemono in Wild Hearts differ from similar games as they are often infused with the wilderness, like plants, sap, and other natural elements. But, that doesn’t mean they aren’t a threat as they can absolutely decimate you even when you are using some of the top Wild Hearts weapons.

Wild Hearts monsters explained

Wild Hearts’ monsters are giant beasts that have undergone a unique evolution that fused them with nature. Possessing powers that resemble weather, environments, flora, and more they use these powers and strengths to attack their enemies. These powers also allow them to modify their environment.

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How many monsters are in Wild Hearts?


There are a total 21 monsters or Kemono in Wild Hearts. These are all twisted takes on wildlife. From the simple Ragetail, which looks like a mouse to the giant Lavaback or Earthbreaker, there are a wide variety of monsters each bringing their own attacks to the table.

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That covers all the Wild Hearts monsters that have been revealed so far. Be sure to find out how you can kill them and get around faster by utilising the Wild Hearts Dragon Pits.