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Wild Hearts Dragon Pits explained

If you’re hoping to conjure more Dragon Karakuri, you’ll need to use some Wild Hearts Dragon Pits to bring more power to the area.

Wild Hearts Dragon Pits: Hunter using a weapon in Wild Hearts

There are many crucial things for a hunter to learn, and the Wild Hearts Dragon Pits are one of them. These magic hotspots are found across the different islands of Azuma that can help any hunter harness the power of the Karakuri.

Whenever you’re hunting for any of the mighty Wild Hearts monsters, you’ll find these scattered around. But their power may be unknown to you, as a budding Kemono hunter. So, pick up one of your Wild Hearts weapons of choice and head off on a hunt while we explain this mystical feature.

Wild Hearts Dragon Pits explained

Dragon Pits in Wild Hearts can be activated to increase the amount of Dragon Karakuri contraptions that you can build within each map.

They each have five stages to enhance, costing more materials for the higher tier of upgrades. Once active, they turn to blue instead of red, signifying that you have at least purchased the first tier of upgrades.

If you pass a few Dragon Pits and find yourself needing to set up Dragon Karakuri like camps or Flying Vines, you don’t need to backtrack. By opening up the map, you can find all of the Dragon Pits, and selecting them will allow you to awaken or enhance them. Way easier than heading past some vicious Kemono, at least, we think so.

That’s everything you need to know about the Wild Hearts Dragon Pits you’ll encounter on your hunts. If you’re hoping to play with some friends with Wild Hearts crossplay, fortunately, you can do so. There’s also the Wild Hearts early access trial if you want to invite some friends to play.