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Does Wild Hearts have crossplay cross-platform support?

Get the answer to if Wild Hearts has crossplay crossplatform support between current generation consoles and PC while playing online

Wild Hearts Crossplay: A player can be seen fighting a Kemono

With the multiplayer focus of Koei Tecmo’s latest game, questions about Wild Hearts crossplay support have been swirling with the game finally here. Koei Tecmo aren’t strangers to online multiplayer with their Dynasty Warriors games having co-op functionality before in the past.

But, with Wild Hearts, the studio are walking into Uncharted territory and creating a completely new and different type of game. As you are hunting the Wild Hearts monsters and using a wide variety of Wild Hearts weapons in a fantasy world, will you be able to bring your friends with you on hunts, even if they are on other platforms. Well, its good news.

Wild Hearts does have crossplay and crossplatform support, allowing players across PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC to play together.

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This was confirmed in the official Wild Hearts FAQ. As Wild Hearts on PS4 and Xbox One isn’t happening those platforms aren’t supported as you can’t play the game there. It is likely crossplay will be utilised via you EA account, with EA publishing the game. So, if you haven’t set one up yet you should here on the EA login page.

That covers Wild Hearts crossplay support. With multiplayer, will the game make it onto our best co-op games list? We will just have till the release to find out.

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